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Monday, May 2, 2016



Hartford, Conn. (May 2, 2016) — Today, the Hartford Fire Department (HFD) announced that over the weekend firefighters and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals delivered a baby at a Bedford St. residence.

“It is not often that we respond to calls that leave us smiling from ear to ear, and rejoicing with the citizens that we are called to serve, due to the nature of most of the calls,” said HFD Lieutenant Ron Talit. “However, this is one of those calls that we were ecstatic about.”

On Sunday afternoon, the HFD received a report that a mother’s water had just broken at a Bedford St. address. 

When firefighters and EMS professionals from Engine 2 arrived on location, they were immediately advised by others in the house that a baby had crowned and was ready to be delivered. 

Within minutes of rushing to the mother — and providing care and support — a newborn was successfully delivered. This was followed by postpartum care being provided to the beautiful newborn baby girl and her proud mother. 

“Our dedicated professional emergency responders are committed to providing exceptional services to the citizens and visitors of our great city,” said HFD Chief Reginald D. Freeman. “The excellence that was demonstrated on this particular call is reflective of our experience and training which we are committed to ensuring that the City of Hartford receives nothing but the best from their Hartford firefighters and EMS professionals.”

The mother’s expected due date was Tuesday, May 3, 2016.


Anonymous said...

wait until one cop who doesn't want to do medical shows up on a call like that one, there will be a dead baby. But who cares, especially King Joffery our great mayor. The death rates across the board in the city are about to rise.

Alyssa said...

Are you kidding me?? This was a positive post about the Hartford Fire Department with a joyful outcome. And somehow it turns into a negative rant about a cop?? The last officer that showed up at a "medical" scene as I recall, was Officer Kidik. Her response to a choking child was extraordinary and a young life was saved. Most who have experienced these types of situations freeze . . . and run looking for help rather than face what is happening before us.

There's plenty of ways to deal with "King Joffery" and the potential effects of his proposed budget cuts. Bring your frustrations AND your solutions to the budget hearings and Council meetings. Join the crowd.

Anne Goshdigian said...

Good post, Alyssa!

Anonymous said...

7:20 You out cynical me by a long shot. Damn, you must have had one indelicate upbringing. Honestly, were you constently slapped around as a child? It sure does sound like it.

Anonymous said...

We don't really care about positive posts when our administration does nothing to support us. Our three stooges must be waiting to get knighted by King Joffery. Saturdays performance in front of the council was a disgrace to us all.

Anonymous said...

How did mayor Luke Bronin get the name King Joffrey?? An what does it mean?

Anonymous said...

I know morale is terrible, but positive posts are a good thing. Although the recognition may be on a small scale, no offense Kevin, it is still nice to hear. Police, fire and ems do a great job with ever diminishing resources. Guys,as hard as it may be try not to lose sight of what brought us to our careers and hang in there, if for no one else than each others' benefit