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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


 According to sources, today is "D-Day" for between 40 and 100 City of Hartford employees who will be receiving layoff notices and will be shown the door today.

 The process began early today as employees began receiving their layoff notices and had their access to City records and computers revoked.

No official word is available yet as to the exact numbers and departments, but one source said it appeared to be all departments "across the board"

 More on this throughout the day.

The layoff's have been necessitated by the budget hole that the Segarra administration has left for Mayor Bronin


Anonymous said...

Yes it's all Segarra's fault. It has nothing to do with the economic climate of the state and the Governor's office ineffectiveness in solving CT's budget crisis and to make the state business friendly.


Do you really think Pedro had no clue this day was coming? What did he do to mitigate the damage the last several years? Yes, let's blame our problems on the Governor instead

Ted Cannon said...

This day has been coming for many years, but those in leadership positions at the City and State levels have chosen to ignore it. But let's not blame it all on the politicians. After all, we elected them and often times re-elected them. When are we as residents and voters going to wake up? Heck, when are we as voters going to participate? This past November 3rd, 18% of Hartford registered voters cast their vote. What should we expect?

peter brush said...

Let's stipulate that Pedro was not much of a Mayor. But, I've lived in town since 1984, and I'd be dishonest if I said he was a whole lot worse than his predecessors, both Strong and Figure Head. In any case, the problem is not this or that Hartford pol.

The fact that it's the State that's responsible here in Nutmegistan (and across Los Estados Unidos) is demonstrated by the fact that virtually all of our large towns and cities suffer from the same sort of social and political decay. The City of Hartford's operations are not sustainable by the revenues it generates internally; haven't been for decades. But the State requires the operations, so the City is subsidized. If you want the cynical take; the white liberals in the suburbs essentially pay the guys in the cities to stay out of their towns. No matter who the Mayor may be the fiscal situation is largely out of his control. The State tells us what to do, and makes up the difference when we can't pay full freight.

Bill Katz said...

Ted, you said it very well. I have said that it is bad enough to Watch inferior leadership in action. But who put them there. I call on Bronin to propose legislation that will make it impossible to ever spearhead a project like the stadium without the will of the people. Yes, I would like to think that is enough to to prevent future boondoggles. But the very folks who have elected the ignorant will then vote for their ignorant policies.

In essence, without an informed and intelligent constituency, we are doomed to repeat. But those of us who understand will fight the good fight as best we can. Imagine, if only one more council vote went against this 70 million waste... It is hard for me to comprehend pure ignorance. Just pure ignorance.

peter brush said...

In essence, without an informed and intelligent constituency, we are doomed to repeat
Right. We should get rid of self-government here, and give our local affairs over to a control board.

Anonymous said...

wait segarra does not own up to his numerous error and now he wants to be judge?? is that how this works you mess up as mayor so no you want to be a judge................get real