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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


A sign of things to come?
Although no specific information has been released from Mayor Bronin's Office yet, here is some information from the online budget at

Corporation Counsel: The primary changes are the annualization of salary funded for partial year as well as a restructure of the administrative and professional support functions, which includes the elimination of 5 positions through layoffs.

Office of Communications and New Media: The net decrease is the result of the elimination of 4 positions through 3 layoffs and the elimination of a vacancy.

Metro Hartford Innovation Services: The FY2017 Recommended Budget for MHIS also includes reductions comprised of 1 layoff and the elimination of 1 vacancy.

Finance: eliminating 9 positions, 2 vacant and 7 layoffs, offset by the transfer of 10 existing positions for Procurement and 3 new Account Payable positions to implement centralization City-wide. The Recommended Budget for FY2017 in Finance represents major efficiencies to be realized.

Human Resources: elimination of 3 positions,
2 vacant, including a vacant Deputy Director, and 1 layoff and reductions in non-personnel accounts offset by a onetime funding in the a

Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation: he net decrease is the result of restructuring recreational programs to focus on areas of high demand, adjustments in funding to community agencies and the elimination of 4.9 positions through 3 layoffs, 1 vacancy and 0.9 shift to grants.

Police: elimination of 25 non-uniformed positions, 18 vacant and 7 layoffs.

Public Works: the elimination of 24 positions, comprised of 17 vacant and 7 layoffs, as well as anticipated attrition and reductions in non-personnel accounts.

Development Services:
the elimination of 6.85 positions through 2 layoffs, 4 vacancy eliminations and a 0.85 FTE position shifted to grants.

Health and Human Services: A total of 6 positions are eliminated, 2 vacant which includes a Deputy Director, 4 layoffs, 1 shift to part-time and shifting 2 positions to grant funding.


peter brush said...

The strategic mission of the Metro Hartford Innovation Services (MHIS) is to provide leadership, coordination, and support for the information technology and communication needs of the City of Hartford, the Hartford Public Schools, and the Hartford Public Libraries.
Office of Communications and New Media
The "strategic mission" of the Innovation Services outfit may be nonsense, but in any case would seem to have a good bit of overlap with the Office of Communications, etc. The latter outfit doesn't communicate at its website exactly what its "strategic mission" is. Maybe it exists only to receive leadership, coordination, and support from the Innovation guys.

Anonymous said...

Peter, that was the funniest thing that could be said on these blogs about Hartford.

Anonymous said...

No layoffs for HFD? Maybe that's because we are already understaffed and 50 members have put in their request to retire before June 11th and that number will most likely double in the next 2 weeks. Bronin's scare tactic is working. The proposal he made to the union is ridiculous. He can't really expect to add an average of 14 extra hours to a persons work week and not pay them for that work. It didn't work in Providence and it won't work here. Bronin is knowingly putting the safety of the Hartford residents and firefighters at risk. Kevin, please look into this before it is to late.

Deirdre Harwood said...

Bronin is not a very good mayor for Hartford. This must be his only term