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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


On 5/3/16 at 8:22pm.  HPD Patrol Officer Phil Borkowski was speaking to a citizen at the intersection of Main Street at Park
Street on a separate investigation.  Officer Borkowski suddenly observed a motor vehicle accident happen in his immediate proximity. The Officer observed two males in the vehicle who recognized his presence, immediately exiting the  Honda Accord,  fleeing the scene. The Officer was able to keep visual contact on the evading driver, and called
out a foot pursuit. Responding HPD Officers assisted and took the driver into custody in the area of South Green Park after a brief struggle. HPD Officers responding to the accident scene observed a firearm on the back
seat, as well as several firearms in an open back pack in the Accord. A total of eight firearms were recovered
from the vehicle as well as ammunition, 61.8 grams of crack cocaine, 29 grams of marijuana, 100 bags of heroin stamped "Fatboy" and $3,843. The vehicle had also been reported reported stolen.

The driver is a convicted felon with 14 previous Hartford PD arrests:
Arrested: Guzman, Elias (D.O.B. 5/23/91) 18 Melrose Street, East Hartford CT
1.       Making a Restricted Turn
2.       Operating without a License
3.       Evading Responsibility
4.       Interfering with Police
5.       Possession of Narcotics
6.       Possession with Intent to Sell
7.       Possession within 1500' of a School
8.       Larceny 3rd
9.       8 counts of Carrying a Pistol without a Permit
10.   8 counts of Criminal Possession of a Firearm
11.   Possession of a High Capacity Magazine
$2.5Mill Bond

Recovered Firearms:
Norinco 9mm
Keltec Freedom .380 caliber
Interarms R-9 9mm
Davis Industries P-380 .380 caliber
Hi-Point Model C 9mm
Interarms 38 Special 9mm
Bersa Thunder 380 .380 caliber
Hi-Point Model JCP .40 caliber
No information could be found on any of the recovered firearms.

Recovered Narcotics:
61.8 grams of crack cocaine
29 grams of marijuana
100 bags of heroin stamped "Fatboy"
Recovered US Currency: $3,843.05

UPDATE: 10:30am

How is this guy even on the streets?  Connecticut's courts are failing us. Guzman appaently has over 14 felony arrests. The list below are his current cases pending at GA 14. the Lafayette Street Court. These are only the cases pending, never mind his convictions already.He should be locked behind bars and this menace should be removed from our streets, no "second chances", he has clearly shown he can not conform to our laws

GUZMAN ELIAS1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR10-0643011-S
GUZMAN ELIAS1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR14-0673367-S
GUZMAN ELIAS1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR15-0678008-S
GUZMAN ELIAS1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-MV16-0501180-S
GUZMAN ELIAS J1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR15-0681295-S
GUZMAN ELIAS J1991Hartford GA 14Awaiting Disposition06/16/2016 10:00 AMH14H-CR16-0684223-S


Anonymous said...

And all that because officer Borkowski - unlike many other officers - doesn't take crap from nobody. Officer Borkowski is doing an excellent job.


I couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately, Officer Borkowski is one of the Business Service Officers (BSO) that is probably going to be bumped from his position due to budget issues and a lack of hiring by the previous administration. Imagine the damage that potentially could have been done if all those guns remained on our streets and Officer Borkowski wasn't there

The giz supporter said...

Officer borkowski is top notch. Some others just wanna work pjs and drive around in an unmarked to get food. Chief rovella you hear me now. Officer borkowski must stay in his area. That is an order!!!!
If you need to cut some flesh, get rid of marfella and teddy. Those guys hav not done much lately except work pjs and complain.
Borkowski sets the bar.
Those parkville guys hustle also. Chop chop