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Sunday, May 15, 2016


Some of Andrew's medals on display last night

I was just wanted to put up a quick posting to thank all of those people that turned out last night to support my nephew Andrew in his quest to qualify for the 2018 Paralympics in South Korea. Just the travel expenses for training and qualifications are expensive, never mind the equipment  requirements.

Your support and donations are helping Andrew to realize his dreams and show that even with Cerebral Palsy, anything is possible. Andrew is an inspiration to many.

It  was great to see Hartford faces there and top hear from blog readers. One person that came in said he saw it on the blog and immediately put it on his calendar to attend. After I introduced him to Andrew, he wrote out another check for a donation. One of the Hartford people, who shall remain nameless, cleaned up on  the raffle prizes, and no it wasn't rigged. I guess that is what happens when you buy over $100.00 in raffle tickets.

Another person showed up as the event was breaking up, but  he wanted to drop off a check  to "Andrew Races" for $250.00.

It was a great, well attended event. The food was very good, and plenty of it. On behalf of my family and especially Andrew, I would like to thank everyone that showed up, my blog readers and all. This is why I always tell people why I love living in Hartford, I have met so many great people here, and continue to see the good in our City every day.

You can learn more about Andrew  or keep track of his endeavor's at


Sheryl Haraghey said...

Thanks Kevin, it was great meeting your friends. It was uplifting night!

John Nolan said...

Kevin, Andrew is an inspiration to us all. I spent 2 years in South Korea while in the military, Andrew will do well, he never gives up, even after breaking his leg.


Thanks John, best wishes in your retirement, I was surprised when I heard you sign off the line this morning. A definite loss of valuable experience

Patrol clam said...

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