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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hartford Fire Department Responds to Report of Fire at Legislative Office Building Tuesday

Hartford, Conn. ( May 17, 2016 )  — Yesterday at 11:45 A.M., the Hartford Fire Department responded to a reported fire that was extinguished on the 2nd floor of the Legislative Office building.

When fire crews arrived on scene they confirmed that a small electrical fire involving a power strip had been extinguished prior to our arrival.  The building was evacuated as a result of the fire.

Fire crews worked along with building maintenance to clear the smoke from the building.  A city electrical inspector as well as State Fire Marshal responded to investigate.

There were no reported civilian or firefighter injuries and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.


Anonymous said...

I heard It was Luke's failed SB burning. Malloy covered it up and said it was a powerstrip. LOL, pull the plug on these two fools.

Hilary can have Malloy and Luke you will never be Govenor Bronin

Anonymous said...

I saw HFD putting a fire out at the Walmart plaza on the mulch at the traffic light this morning. Someone idiot must have thrown a cigarette out the window of their car. Poor guys having to get involved in some idiocy like that.

Anonymous said...

Walmart mulches with dark cheap mulch dust. Every inconsiderate asshole who smokes tosses there cigarettes in the mulch. We go there multiple times per day all summer weather permitting. 495 Flatbush is good for a few hundred runs every summer for mulch fires.

Anonymous said...

I bet if the owners were charged by the city every time their mulch caught fire and HFD had to respond that flammable mulch would be replaced but quick.

Anonymous said...

Bronin take your ball and go home, thtow in the towel, just like you did aftera few days in office.

Your face should be on the cover of the book; " The Boy Who Cried Wolf'" and the face of " A Wolf in Sheep Clothing'.