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Friday, May 20, 2016


We all know the City of Hartford is a budget mess. A 'Dire" mess as the Mayor repeatedly states, but some budget decisions make me wonder if the Hartford City Council realizes what the word "Dire" actually means.

The "giveth and the taketh" of the budget process is detailed in the Financial resolutions below. Lets try to put everything else the Council does throughout the year aside for a bit, the contract s and deals they give away regularly. The $1.00 property development sales that never happen once the parcel is given away  for a buck and all the other ridiculous spending.

Look at the resolutions below and look at all the crazy requests for spending and look at where money is cut, less than $20,000 cut from the Council, but almost $2.5 million from the Police budget.. On "Financial Resolution Dems#2, at the bottom of the page you will see $22,000 for the Hartford Pro-Am. The Hartford Pro Am is the same group that City Auditors in March  said owed the City in excess of $50,00 in unpaid fees for use of Hartford gym facilities.

That $50,000 they owe us plus the $22,000 we are going to give them is probably the cost of one of the Animal Control Officer's that had been laid off

Here is NBC Connecticut's story on the March audit investigation,

I realize that giving away money we don't have for parades events  and the pro-am means votes from those politically beholding to the check writers, but we need to have decisions made for the right reasons, not political reasons.

Closing libraries to garner votes, shameful.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin, another prot St is needed to help Sherry DeGenova get her job back. This time, it should be in the parking lot of the Police Department.