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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


A concerned resident walking around the Dunkin Donuts Park tonight sent me the pictures below. These areas are unsecured and no fencing or barricades are in place to protect the area. The stadium is also unsecured exact for one police officer outside, who can't possibly see all entrances and areas.

The steel left in the street and on the sidewalk, the hazardous, flammable materials left out in the open and the pallets and debris all make for hazardous conditions as well as possible OSHA violations. A lawsuit waiting to happen.

The safety of the pedestrians and motorists, as well as students from Capitol Prep I guess aren't a concern in DONO. Where is the City and its inspectors allowing these hazardous conditions?

Has Centerplan ever run a construction site before?

This isn't too flammable, left on the sidewalk outside the stadium

Steel on the sidewalk and in the street, no caution tape, sidewalk still open to pedestrian traffic
This is how the sidewalk and the street are left

Someone really needs to pay attention before this stadium cost us millions more than it already has, from injury lawsuits


Lou Battalino said...

in the tv interview tonight, Luke said that Centerplan MAY be subject to fines per the contract...meaning that his word is no good as the contract says that Centerplan SHALL be subject to fines for not meeting the 5/17 deadline.I get the feeling that the 35k that Centerplan fundraised for him and his good relationship with Centerplan's lawyer..Tom Ritter is more important to Luke then the 110,000. citizens that he is suppossed to represent and serve. If Luke's word is no good for this,then his word means nothing.

Anonymous said...

No Virginia, don't tell me even Luke is making strange bed fellows with his supporters? Really, Luke?

Anonymous said...

OSHA. OSHA. Where is OSHA ???

Coxvanna farms supporter said...

There is a pretty highspeed low drag Officer there on midnights. When i see him i have memories of watching predator and the andy griffith show. "Get to the chopper !!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

during the entire process Centerplan didn't give a damn about safety, they just wanted to deliver the stadium or whatever they had to deliver on time