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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hartford Police have been called to the Sand School polling place after an altercation between Hartford's Democratic Registrar Olga Vazquez's husband Radames Vazquez (he's also Abe Giles' son) and Giselle Feliciano.

According to witnesses at Sand School, Vazquez was repeatedly going inside the 75 foot boundary and handing out literature. When Giselle asked him to stop, he apparently approached her in a threatening manner and called her a "f--king bitch".

Hartford Police plan to babysit the polling place until at least 8PM

More to come as the night wears on, I mean progresses.


Anonymous said...

let's hope the police are there to just watch those kids and not interfere with the democratic voting process like they did before.

Anonymous said...

She should have slapped the shit out of him

Anonymous said...

he has no class what so ever 2 questions for you Kevin he should ask him sometime 1) is that olgas nickname & 2)does he kiss his mother with that ugly mouth?? she should file a complaint with election enforcement to add to their pile of complaints.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Giles clan is desperate
I predict that in the next six months Olga,
Giles jr, oh sorry, he's not really a Giles, old
man never really adopted him, would have lost
the state and DCF subsidies, would all be out
of jobs. Things have changed since the poverty
pimp days

Anonymous said...

Is that the same lady who's the secretary for Calixto Torres? Shouldn't she be at work?


I believe she was on a vacation day,but regardless it was after 6PM so her work day would have been done.

As a sidenote, most of the Council aides aren't even close to being compensated for the hours they work with late night meetings, hearings, community meetings they attend , etc.

Miguel said...

How much do the aides get paid and how much would be fair to pay them?

Anonymous said...

Miguel: The aides get paid $45,000/yr. I'm sure they are worth every dime. As a taxpayer, I think it's hypocritical to squawk about govt. mismanagement of funds and pay these glorified secretary's a penny more.