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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After that post yesterday about Olga Vazquez telling City Hall staffers not to read my blog because I make money off of every hit, several people have called with suggestions how to build the blog. I am in the process of expanding the blog to a website that will provide information to readers. And no Olga, I do not make any money off the blog, but thanks to you, that may change.

Hopefully the new website will list community meeting times and dates, Council meetings and hearings and provide information for people to become more involved.I'm open to suggestions for anything that readers would like to see on the new "".

But one of the best ideas came about at the polling places today. The "wanted poster" that is pictured below was very popular. I had several people make inquiries about it, and numerous people said they would love to see it on a t-shirt.

The shirts have been ordered, and soon we can start making a fashion statement of our own.

Eddie Perez Wanted Poster

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll need a couple of these shirts. Let us know when they come in. Any chance they'll be in before parade day???