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Friday, February 11, 2011


Apparently Chief Roberts doesn't like the term "shake-up".

I attended the promotions ceremony for the newly elevated members of the Chief's command staff yesterday at the Hartford Hilton. The ballroom at the Hilton was full of police officers, their family members, dignitaries and well wishers.I was surprised that Mayor Segarra was not there, nor COO David Panagore or even the Mayor's Chief of Staff. But now that I think about it, I haven't seen the Mayor at the last couple promotion ceremonies.This time he was probably out directing snow removal operations and I think the last time he was making the ice in Bushnell Park.

I was just staring to doze off during the Chief's speech when I heard my name mentioned by the Chief. Just kidding Chief, your speeches are usually pretty good, and more importantly usually short.

Anyway, apparently the Chief wasn't happy that Wednesday morning at about 10:15am he was announcing the management changes and as he later tried to make quite clear to me, it wasn't a "shake-up". A short time later the individual who has been appointed to monitor my blog ( one of a couple from what I understand) frantically entered the Compstat meeting to advise the Chief that "we the people" had the "shake-up" on the blog by 10:18am.

So the Chief made the comment during his promotion speech that "As I was making my changes, Mr. Brookman had it on his blog by 10:18am, someone was telling him what was going on". After his speech, the Chief told me he would love to know how I get my information, and I told him that is the beauty of it, he never will know and sometimes I don't even know who they are.

And just to clarify this, the Chief and I do have a very good professional relationship, at least I think so, the Chief might have a different version, but I doubt it. One of the things I have to say about Chief Roberts is that we have a lot of good conversations, but we also have conversations when I can honestly tell him I disagree with some things that he or his Department do.

The picture above was taken after the promotion ceremony, just to show that we really do get along. The picture was taken by Detective Claudette Kosinski, and I am convinced the Chief had her fix the photo so I appeared chubbier than he does in the photo. Sorry Chief.

According to numerous police sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the Chief was seen throughout the day wandering the halls of Jennings Road repeating the phrase "10:18, 10:18, Brookman had it by 10:18, someone's talking".


Anonymous said...

You must be so proud of your scooping ability...


Yes I am....and thanks for noticing

Anonymous said...

Not a shake up? Lets see: every Lieutenant is ordered to a 9:00am meeting. Then without notice to the Lieutenants, thier families or (more importantly) the citizens and neighborhoods of Hartford, the lieutenants are told they have been re-assigned. This means changing offices, changing uniforms, changing jobs, changing hours and days off. Just to name a few of the negative effects. The lieutenants are all high performing, 17 year veterans who got treated like cadets coming out of the academy. Call it what you want, thats a shake up.

It just not good business, not good leadership and certainly not a good way to motivate. Most of the LT's did not ask for change. Some of the lieutenants are very upset and feel disenfranchised. Bottom line, it was handled poorly.

It seems the only way for a lieutenant to keep an assignment, or get hooked up with a sweet assignment is to crash a cruiser (or 2) after 3:00am (draw your own conclusions). Yeah chief- keep taking care of those guys, it really sends a good message to the rest of the PD.

Now the chief will have everybody on the 2nd floor go try to figure who wrote this, checking time cards and computer histories... lol. God forbid you have a different opinion than the boss.

Don Stakem said...

Kevin..Chief Roberts knows full well about the video of Eric Jackson breaking into City Hall to retreive some "documents/emails presumably" from his desk, AFTER he was fired/resigned.Roberts is an avid reader of your blog and if he doesnt take action on Jackson to protect the integrity of city hall assests then I see no reason why a new Mayor needs him as Chief...

Anonymous said...

what happened to eric jackson?

Anonymous said...

Eric Jackson,

Die at the age of 52- shortly after "We The People" pulled a fanfare.

Brookman and friends "got the drama scoop on the dude."

May the force be with you.... Kevin.


What is your point? are you insinuating that it wasn't a medical condition that ended Jackson's life or something else?

If that is the case, I would feel far worse if one of his alleged victims harmed themselves if I did nothing about the information. Nice try, but it doesn't change the facts of the situation at all and I didn't force anyone to do anything. Only he can take responsibility for his actions, not me.

Try posting under your real name instead of hiding behind the anonymous title

Carolyn said...

I agree - there was no proof or evidence against Eric Jackson - just accusations and hearsay....

How disgusting....what "scooping ability"??? Once the civilized world, a man is innocent until proven guilty....

In my opinion, you owe Mr. Jackson's family an apology....

Anyone can accuse someone of harassment...that doesn't make it true. And once someone has made that accusation public it can destroy a person's life.

Think about it.



I'm not sure why you are posting here rather than under the postings related to Jackson.

Out of respect to Eric Jackson's victims, details and sworn statements were not posted here. You need to open your eyes as to what was going on. Since this was posted , others have come forward who were not employees of Jackson and in no way familiar with the other victims to give me details of Jackson's improper advances and potentially criminal behavior.

His family claims he died of Leukemia, are you saying that my blog postings gave him Leukemia or are so saying that the Leukemia story is untrue and something else was the cause of his death?

Carolyn said...

You say "I'm not sure why you are posting here rather than under the postings related to Jackson."

I was responding to two other comments about Mr. Jackson. (feb 22nd and feb 26th) Both comments are there - I would think you would have seen them. Isn't that what this blog is all about - you write and people respond? Well, there were people making comments and I responded.

And, no, I am not suggesting that your blog comments contributed to his death. As you wrote: "are you saying that my blog postings gave him Leukemia or are so saying that the Leukemia story is untrue and something else was the cause of his death?"

At what point in my comment did I ever suggest that? The reason I wrote that I thought you owe his family an apology is that you had been presenting the story as though he were guilty - no evidence, just hearsay. I'm sorry - I knew Mr. Jackson, and I do not believe the allegations.

If you had actually read what I wrote, you would not have responded as you did. My argument with you was about the stories you posted about him - not that I thought your comments had anything to do with is death.

I find your comments very offensive - you didn't even read what I wrote.