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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Police sources at the Hartford Police Department are telling me that a major shake-up is underway this morning at the PD. Changes are being announced in this morning's COMPSTAT meeting which is underway now.

Several changes have already been made including Lieutenants being shuffled in most areas including Major Crimes, Juvenile Investigations, Southeast and Southwest zones, Department Advocate, the Chief's Executive Officer, Evidentiary Services and more are expected throughout the morning. Preliminary information is that a new spokesperson for the Department may also be named today

More on this as it progresses and the list of names of those shuffled.


Anonymous said...

Oh God please don't take away LT Allen from us. He is the first officer who has ever wanted to communicate with us and is very responsive to our issues in the South End!



I hate to be the one to break it to you, but yes, you have lost Lt. Allan. He will be moving to "Special Events".

From what I am being told, a new LT. being promoted tomorrow, Lt. Rob Davis will be assigned to your area. Sgt Davis has been assigned to Major Crimes for some time now and I'm sure he will be more than capable to address issues like Lt. Allan has been doing.

I am very confident that you, Hyacinth Yennie and others will break him in quickly and keep the good work going.

Daryl K Roberts said...

Hi Kevin and Anonymous,

The new Commander of Zone 8 in the Southend will be Lieutenant Robert F. Davis, Jr. He is a Hartford native and graduate of Kennelly School and Bulkleley High School. The program with biographies of newly promoted and appointed personnel will be posted on the HPD website after 3 p.m. today at
I am available to speak to anyone who may have questions about the Promotion Ceremony this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. at the Hartford Hilton, whic is open to the public, at 860-757-4021.
Hope you and your readers have a great day.
Nancy Mulroy
Media and Communications Coordinator, HPD.

Anonymous said...

Will there be refreshments at the promotion ceremony ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:56:

What will be refreshing is the police department acknowledging the importance of promoting from within wherever possible, having a ceremony to celebrate great officers doing good work, and acknowledging the serious fiscal crisis the city is facing and having folks pay for their own refreshments.

Afterall, this isn't rJo's "Honoring Our Own" celebration...

shaggy-a04 said...

To bad Davis never worked as a street cop because he was afraid of the streets and had to be inside. Is that the leader you want in your neighborhood?

Anonymous said...


You opened your blog with the phrase "To bad". It is actually spelled "Too bad" with two o's.

Anyway, "too" bad you never passed a Sergeant's test. I guess grammar and spelling are not that important. Why should a hardcore street cop like your need to read and write.

Rob is a lot more respected than you will ever be. That’s why you never went anywhere and nobody ever liked or trusted you. You left quite a legacy for yourself, what a shame. Yup, you did more time on the street than Rob. The main reason for that is you were a back stabbing loser who could never advance yourself. I don’t care how much street time you were forced to have, I’ll take Rob over you any day. If A04 means what I think it means, please crawl back under your rock.