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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Some people seem to understand the world of political patronage better than others. Hartford's Democratic Deputy Registrar of Voters Garey Coleman has figured out how to double dip legally, while others who tried it are waiting to be arrested.

In the photo above, Coleman is the hard working civil servant earning his pay while reading the newspaper, bottom center directly under the speakers podium. Coleman apparently is able to perform two separate jobs at two separate locations and still find time to read the paper. It seems that Coleman still collects his full pay as the Democratic Deputy Registrar at the same time he collects his pay as clerk of the Connecticut House of Representatives.Click on the image above to view it full size.

That must be a difficult task, considering how hard he seems to be working in the picture above. Obviously money well spent. It reminds me of the poker playing legislators also caught last year on camera.

The picture was snapped by a Courant photographer and posted on the blog "eye contact". You can view the blog by clicking here

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Johnny Paycheck said...

Kevin..Coleman is triple-dipping and has another "job" beyond the two that you mentioned.As you remember,he is the one who "wrote in" folks' names on those illegal ballots in the court case recently.Folks also have seen him asleep in his office at his deputy ROV job....