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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last week information that $2.7 million dollars in bonuses had been paid out to Hartford School employees seemed to surprise many people, including Hartford Mayor Segarra. It now would seem that Hartford's Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Steven Adamowski, continues to run Hartford's schools like the Captain of the Titanic and choosing to ignore the huge iceberg he is about to crash into, a/k/a the 2011-2012 budget.

Hartford's schools have been a shell game of names under Adamowski with Principals and Vice-Principal becoming "Deans", schools that were paid attention to became "Academies" and now the Human Resources office has become the "Office of Talent Management".

And if any of that makes sense to you, Adamowski is apparently now creating a new Director's position in a cash strapped system while more teachers will probably lose their jobs July 1st to more budget cuts. The position of "Director of Performance Management" in the Office of Talent Management was posted yesterday. The salary is not listed but sources have advised me that it is expected to be upwards of $110,000. Calls to the Office of Talent Management for comment were not answered or returned.



Fred Astaire said...

Talent Management? I can sing and I can dance. Maybe they have a $100,000 job for me?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that the budget can supposedly support ANOTHER $100K plus salary, but count how many schools have NO toilet paper,paper towels or copy paper. Basic necessities for the school have all but disappeared, but we have PLENTY of directors/administrators sharpening their pencils to make sure the budget maintains THEIR positions.

Anonymous said...

The mayor is afraid to take on the board on any issue and Roldan works for the board, so you know he won't change anything as mayor. That leaves Shawn Wooden who hasn't said anything about any of this either. :<


Anonymous 11:05am;

I agree, but don't leave out Stan McCauley in the run for Mayor. Stan has consistently spoke out on issues. He will probably be silent for a few days since his wife Nyesha gave birth to a daughter today.

Congratulations to Stan and the McCauley family

Anonymous said...

The fact of the Matter is That there is NO TALENT and NO MANAGEMENT in that office !!!!!!
Adamowski eliminated at least 10 vice principal positions (changed them to a new title dean of students
) with lower pay and lower qualifications same job as a VP.Put all his people with the help of Kishimoto in the Dean spots.Funny how all these ousted vice principals who were supposed to go back to the classroom as teachers , were pretty much all excepted to other school districts as administrators!! So these so called VPs who for the most part were highly qualified people with proven measured track records with very good test scores under thier command were forced out and replaced by basically teachers with no administrative certifications?? .Again Hartford is left with less qualified people in charge.Thats your Talent Management in a nut shell !!

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about another Director who has inflatted the HELPDESK dept so much so that the employees can stagger the hours between them. Lets talk about the $2,000,000.00 salaries and as if that isn't enough they have a side business that allows them access to CITY resouces such as time to deliver the products they produce as well as the availibility to use Central Duplicating as their personal print shop to print invitations, and fund raising tickets all on the City's time. Come on people Adamowski is a joke. Brookman can't do all the work for you, but come ask us yourself Central Dup has persons being paid just do print and deliver for the helpdesk.