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Friday, February 11, 2011


This Council agenda is e-mailed prior to Council meetings and a recap of the meeting is e-mailed after the meetings.The Council Preview/Review is a joint project of Hartford 2000 and the Hartford Public Library.
If you have any questions about the agenda, please call Richard Frieder at the Hartford Public Library, 695-6365, or Linda Bayer at Hartford 2000, 547-1663 X21.

The agenda and the recap provide an easy to follow "plain English" description of the Council's actions To receive them yourself, e-mail and sign up.

And don't forget, Monday nights meeting is the first meeting of the month where the public comment session is held prior to the meeting from 6:00PM until 7:00PM

Council Preview 2/14/11

1 comment:

Building Committee said...

I gather Mayor Segarra is insecure and told Councilman Boucher to appoint him to the Building committee, just like Perez was on.It is a shame indeed that a Mayor has to be so insecure as to try to assume as much power as he can.It is even a worse shame that reformers like Councilman Deutsch and others say nothing about this power grab.You would think someone on the Council would understand the dire implications of having a sitting Mayor on the Building Committee.

There 9 on the Council are all too quiet in the face of adversity and corruption.All 9 need to go as they dont understand that the citizens are fed up with get along go along politics and corruption in the city.