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Thursday, September 27, 2012


I fully understand that we live in a democracy and individuals are free to support the candidates of their choice, but what is the price .

Several of Hartford's supposedly loyal Democrats seem to have no problem being auctioned off to the highest bidder, even though they have made very good livings off of the Democratic Party. Several disturbing stories have come to me lately regarding Hartford's Politicos who are capable of following the money to apparently  benefit themselves.

One supposedly loyal Democrat who also was a former member of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee, although the voters defeated him in his last attempt for re-election ,has apparently accepted a 13 passenger Ford van for his nonprofit from Linda McMahon. Andrew Wood, who has made a very good living capitalizing on Hartford's poverty problems has apparently accepted the van for "Hartford Communities That Care" from a charitable arm of Linda McMahon's wrestling empire.McMahon was also offered the opportunity to be the guest speaker at the Commencement of the summer program for "Hartford Communities that Care" an event attended by a large number of Hartford parents that also are voters presumably.

On its face value the deal seems shady, but apparently it all is legal. Most people I have spoke with come to the conclusion that it appears that McMahon is attempting to buy votes through the back doors of Hartford's nonprofits. But that has been the McMahon campaign effort , the best money can buy.

The more troubling calls came this week and informed me that 3rd District State Representative Minnie Gonzalez was organizing a walking tour of the Park Street area on behalf of Republican Linda McMahon. One business owner I spoke with confirmed that Gonzalez had scheduled a visit for Tuesday but that McMahon was a "no show". I have a strange feeling that Hartford would have a lot of "no shows" if McMahon were ever elected.

Requests for comment or clarification from Gonzalez were met with a voice message that her phone was not accepting incoming calls. Calls to Andrew Wood for comment were not returned. Calls to the McMahon campaign requesting comment were also not returned.

I can understand part of Minnie working for McMahon after the stunning defeat of her husband in his effort to become Hartford's Registrar of Voters. I didn't vote to endorse him and neither did the voters of Hartford. I guess "cavorting with whores" is not a value that Hartford voter's choose to embrace.
Arroyo was arrested in an undercover police sting for attempting to solicit a prostitute while he was a city of Hartford employee.

Arroyo has been very vocal lately on his face book page on what he perceives as his betrayal by the Hartford Democratic Town Committee and Hartford's voters in not electing him. In one posting Arroyo urged his followers to only vote for his wife Minnie and President Obama in November  and ignore the other Democratic Candidate's. Arroyo is also a member of the Executive Board of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee.

 Minnie Gonzalez and Ramon Arroyo , both longtime Hartford Democrats also apparently attended the recent Republican National Convention in Tampa


Bruce Rubenstein said...

We will settle with them and their disloyalty after the election.At this point to me,it is more important to work hard for the entire Democratic ticket then to tarry with open traitors.We will re-visit Minnie and Ramon after the election,right now lets all work hard for Obama,Murphy,Larson et al.

We Are All Abe Giles said...

Kevin, I love you, but you're talking about loyalty? I'd love to hear what the Hartford GOP has to say to you about that...


if there was a GOP in Hartford I might still be there , but I refused to be part of a group that stands for nothing. When have you heard the Republican Town Chair take a stand on anything in Hartford? They remained silent during the entire Grand Jury and corruption Scandalbecause their Republican Council Person was as crooked as the rest of the criminals. They never speak out about taxes, spending or other issues that should be near and dear to any Republicans heart. I refuse to be a phony and at least with me you know what you get whether I have a "D" or an "R" affiliated with my name . And I stand for what I believe in. This blog is a perfect example, I put things out there under my real name and don't hide behind anaonymous postings.