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Thursday, September 27, 2012


The letter below was sent by Superintendent of Schools Kishimoto to Board of Education Chair Matt Poland to voice her displeasure with her annual review. The letter speaks for itself but an interesting note is that she found it necessary to CC it to her attorney at the end.

Can a lawsuit be on the horizon. It is the Hartford way, demand a buy out of her contract and move on to the next rung of the career ladder. But then again it is all about the kids if you believe that.

Ltr Chairman+Poland


Anonymous said...

Her behavior is an insult to every successful professional woman. She failed 60% of her evaluation based on OBJECTIVE criteria that she agreed to in her contract. It's math, she's a superintendant, where's the confusion? Furthermore, she thinks nothing of airing her dirty laundry in public. Does she not realize that thanks to the power of Google her failings will follow her for the rest of her professional career? She will never work at this level again, all because she wants to play fast and loose with the truth and get her advice from a team of people who still support a convicted fellon who stole from the city for nearly a decade. The children of this city need a leader, not somebody who is going to fail them at every turn, then try to cover it up everytime the board she reports to asks questions. It's embarassing.

Anonymous said...

Tim Sullivan your next Superintendent watch.