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Friday, September 28, 2012


You knew it had to be coming, the Spanish speaking Linda.She started running the anti- Murphy television advertisement that she can't possibly be anti-women because if you haven't noticed yet, she is one. Can Linda eating Coco bread on Albany Avenue be far behind? I have not made it a secret that I support Chris Murphy, I think he is the right choice for our next US Senator. Unfortunately Chris has to do it the old fashion way, one voter at a time because he doesn't have the luxury of buying a Senate seat. Linda McMahon has done a wonderful job of reinventing herself over the last two years and I guss that is the result of being able to afford the best marketing experts money can buy. At the same time she is avoiding media scrutiny by refusing to meet with any of the media editorial boards in the State. I think the debates are where we are going to see the "real" two candidates come through.

I can only hope that someone will ask Leenda a question in Spanish and see how she responds, although I am told that her daughter does speak fluent Spanish.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to vote for Linda, until I saw that she's probably trying to bring the taxes down for her and not the people. Thanks for your postings of this one. It would be nice to ask her a question in Spanish and see how she responds...though she might have a translator in her ear piece telling her what to say....Hmm, though not under her direction, but with the Marketing team behind her, who's to say she won't knock it out of the park? anyways, thanks for this. the commercial I haven't viewed yet, but now I can't wait, lol