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Thursday, September 27, 2012


The lackluster campaign for the US Senate in Hartford may be taking a turn now due to the new Surgeon on the Murphy team. No , it is not a heart transplant surgeon, it is Hartford resident and community activist Shirley Surgeon.

Shirley is a great choice for the Murphy campaign and will hopefully bring the same skills she put to work organizing campaign efforts for Governor Malloy's campaign  in Hartford.

Shirley is the former Democratic Registrar  of Voters in Hartford and a resident of the Upper Albany Neighborhood.  Shirley is someone I am proud to consider a friend and her integrity and love for her City and community is endless. Her energy for the political campaign is something any candidate would be fortunate to harness for a winning campaign effort.

Shirley has taken a temporary leave of absence from her position with the State of Connecticut to organize the Murphy campaign efforts in North Hartford.

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