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Friday, September 28, 2012


Democratic State Representative Minnie Gonzalez and her husband Ramon Arroyo at the Republican national Convention in Tampa
Several years ago when I realized that the Republican Party was no longer the right fit for my beliefs, I left the party. I have been criticized for that, but if you don't believe in what you are representing, you need to make tough decisions to maintain your integrity. In the morning when I look in the mirror, besides realizing that I need to lose weight, I also want to feel comfortable with the person I see. I wonder what Minnie and Ramon think when they do the same?

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The most troublesome part to me is that Minnie and Ramon have made a very good living for themselves off Democratic politics in Hartford over the years. At a recent Hartford Democratic Town Committee Executive Committee meeting before the August Primary, Ramon was looking for funding for advertising for his campaign. I stated that even though I didn't support Arroyo for registrar of Voters, I didn't vote his nomination ( I thought there was a much better candidate without Arroyo's prostitution baggage that I supported and no it isn't Olga)but the bottom line was that Arroyo was the nominee of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee.
Apparently that is a one-way street for Arroyo who is using his facebook page to undermine the Democratic efforts in Hartford. In the recent "screen capture" below from his facebook page, Arroyo is apparently urging Hartford voters to ignore the Democratic candidates such as John Larson and Chris Murphy and vote only for his wife, Minnie Gonzalez, and President Obama.
This is in addition to the "walking tour" of heavily Hispanic Park Street that was apparently organized by the two loyalists on behalf of Linda McMahon's Republican quest to purchase  a Senate seat.
A source who regularly follows Arroyo's facebook page has told me that Ramon has posted numerous comments about his "betrayal" by the Democrat's after he lost his attempt in the primary for the Registrar of Voter's Office. Ramon, it might not have been a betrayal by Hartford's Democrats or Chris Murphy, but rather a rebuke by the voters of Hartford who still feel integrity is important and soliciting prostitutes is not a value we choose to embrace
Hopefully this will be a wake up call to Hartford's Democrats and Democratic leadership statewide that this backstabbing type of behavior should not be rewarded in any way , shape or form.


Bruce Rubenstein said...

Thse traitors need to be dealt with after the November election.Hopefully they will do the honest thing and switch their party affiliation.



Why should we have to wait until after the November election? She is running for reelection as a Democrat and shouldn't be able to reap the benefits of a Democratic endorsement if she isn't willing to endorse her fellow Democratic candidates and working to undermine them.

Anonymous said...

Language such as expressing a need to "deal" with "traitors" sound very threatening and seem meant to intimidate. If that's not the intent I would suggest a refrain from such comments. If it is the intent then someone should call the police.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will be enough for Democrats in Hartford and around the state to stop taking her seriously. Shut Minnie and Ramon out, for good.


Anonymous 1:25PM

A traitor is defined as "a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust." If I am understanding this correctly, that is exactly what Representative Gonzalez and her husband Ramon have done and yes, they should be "dealt" with accordingly


Minnie and Ramon are traitors and deserve to be shunned and more.They contributed to a "wink and a nod" culture in which some Hartford Democrats like Segarra, and others either get crossed endorsed by Republicans or like Hartford town committee types work underground with Republicans.These people need to be exposed and cleansed from Democratic Politics as they are a foul stain upon the Democratic Party.

Mr DiBella as Party Chair,it is time for you to stop being silent about this and step up to the plate,Marc.

Anonymous said...


I have worked on several campaigns with both minnie and ramon. In each and every case it was a horrible experience. I was warned ahead of time about them yet their greed and sleaziness shocked me over and over.

For them it is all about money for them - although they claim it is about their community. It ain't. If you pay them to work for you they will only come back and demand more. Perhaps you give them more - perhaps you don't. The end is always the same though, they threaten to leave the campaign, work for the other side if you don't pay them even more and they accuse the campaign of being racist if you don't write a check.
I've seen this and experienced this first hand. They are a laughing stock in democratic politics in CT and they only have clout in their small general assembly district.

Anonymous said...

Even more embarrassing is that the Capitol and LOB fall in their district. Makes you just want to hang your head in shame.