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Friday, September 28, 2012


Candidates Leo Canty, left and Brandon Mcgee on the right
Next Tuesday may possibly be one of the most important days in recent Hartford politics. It is the court ordered rematch between Hartford resident and political newcomer Brandon McGhee and Windsor's Democratic Town Chair Leo Canty for the 5th District House seat. The August primary results see-sawed back and forth until recounts determined a tie and a re-vote was ordered by Superior Court Judge Susan Peck.

The race is important to Hartford to retain the 5th District seat by a Hartford resident as the majority of the district was realigned north of the Hartford border during recent legislative redistricting. McGee, a political newcomer to elected office, essentially pulled off a huge upset in his tie vote with Canty , a well known political and union operative. For Hartford now it is important that all votes possible are pulled together for McGee.

In a city that is not always known for its political strategy, this is an opportunity to both support a newcomer with fresh ideas and send a message that Hartford's political forces can work together and get things done, despite a few of the previous postings here today.I strongly believe in mentoring and getting younger people involved in government and this is a perfect opportunity.A McGee win would ensure that Hartford doesn't lose an important voice in the Legislature

If you have some spare time between now and Tuesday to help the McGee campaign, and help Hartford, his campaign can be reached at 860-808-6932. And if you live in the 5th or know someone who lives in the 5th District call them and make sure they get out and vote. If there ever was an example that every vote counts, this is it.

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