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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Jenna Carlesso at the Courant had an interesting story regarding Mayor Segarra and his waning support by the Council. It is sad, but the slipping support can't be blamed on anyone other than the Mayor and his inner circle. The song R-E-S-P-E-C-T keeps running through my mind as I read this story. Read Jenna's take here.


Vito said...

Aponte taking Segarra's side, precious. Please refresh our memories. Was Aponte elected by the voters or was he appointed by Segarra to finish someone else's term? BTW, what is the status of Aponte's legal issues re the food stamps.

Anonymous said...

Aponte was voted in by the Council when Segarra first became Mayor and he was voted in with the DEMs in 2011 for a full term.

Alex Sama said...

Aponte is a sleaz bag lawyer who was recently sued for legal malpractice recently and he and his clients are being investigated by the feds regarding the food stamp issue.He also has had some grievance rulings against him by the bar association.

In most other cities, a neer do well like Alex would be told not to run for office. But in Hartford,the more you have run afoul of the law and other professional agencies,the better you are as a candidate.

Anonymous said...

He is part of the "Unionized" group of crooks that is running the City of Hartford. That is why he was the only one voting for his friend COO SKB to be promoted, despite knowingly that she is working illegally, is double dipping, is just plain incompetent, and is a sneaky little traitor that has made Mayor Pedro look like the puppet Pinocchio.

What is wrong with these bunch of corrupted Attorneys? They think that they are above and beyond, they believe that having a ATTY in front of their names make them untouchable and that the laws doesn't apply to them. SHAME on all of them. They are all a bunch of money hungry attorneys, giving other attorneys a bad name.