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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


There are plenty of things going on right now at City hall that could fall under that category and should be investigated  as criminal acts, but one that I have confirmed tonight infuriates me. I had received a few calls about the vendor that is supposed to be managing Hartford's two municipal golf  courses. I say supposed to be because the courses, Keney and Goodwin Park, are in terrible condition

One regular golfer at Keney Park told me that he had noticed large quantities of trees missing last fall when he had golfed there. These trees are an assest that can not have a value set on them.

One caller complained that the pro shop at Goodwin Park has been turned into a bar., the Internal Audit Condition issues a report recently that was far from favorable and detailed that MDM Golf, the vendor, was actually in default of their contract with the City. Deputy Corporation Counsel L. John Van Norden advised the Commission that apparently MDM was in severe financial difficulties.

Van Norden also advised the Commission that a $300,000 dollar letter of credit that was supposed to protect the City from loss was allowed to expire and MDM didn't have the financial where with all to provide a new letter to the City. Van Norden also said that the insurance covered required of MDM had lapsed.

Now I am being told that large quantities of hardwood trees have been cut and removed from the City properties over the last year or so. Numerous stumps of  what had been large stately Oak trees lining the fairways at KeneyPark are clearly evident.

I have also confirmed with City Hall sources that there was apparently no provision in the City's contract with MDM to allow them to remove or sell any tress for lumber.

The large oaks were apparently sold to a Canadian lumber company.

This needs to be investigated and if proven, appropriate criminal charges need to be brought against those involved for the theft of Hartfords most valuable resources

You can read the Auditor's report on MDM and the courses here


Ernie said...

Are you sure they didn't sell them to Hartford Hospital to make benches for the lobby of the new parking garage? The city is literally theatre of the absurd. Can it get any worse?

Anonymous said...

Hartford City Government,
The gift that keeps on giving!
The last Administration was Cub Scouts compared to this group!