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Friday, May 3, 2013


The Audit report that was requested by the Council in response to complaints about widespread Credit Card Abuse is apparently done, according to the City's Auditor, but the full court press is being put on to avoid releasing it. I can understand why, but according to FOI it isn't legal.

I spoke with the education Director as well as a staff attorney earlier today with my questions regarding the release of the report. Although Hartford's Auditor, Patrick Campbell  advised the Council, the requestor's of the audit at Tuesdays budget hearing that the audit was done and he hoped to distribute it the following day.

As you can see from the e-mail text below, he seems to be relying on semantics, repeatedly using the word "issue" to avoid the release.

Mr. Brookman:

I understand you are looking for a copy of the final issued report.  We are working on finalizing the report for issuance.  It has not been issued at this time.  Once the final report has been issued you will certainly be welcome to a copy.

Patrick Campbell

According to FOI, when Campbell said it was done, it was done, which means it is a public document at that point , whether the Audit Commission or the Council has reviewed it, it should be public. I am losing confidence in the performance of the Audit and why the Auditor would try to prevent the release of the document.

I fully expect that a finding will come forth that everything is fine, a little mismanagement and loose record keeping , but other than that all innocent mistakes.

The fact of the matter is that just the New Years Eve Dinner charged to the Mayor's Chief of Staff is enough to request a criminal investigation. They used City funds for their own personal gain and entertainment of their spouses and friends on the taxpayers dime. That is fraud and a larceny from the municipality Any one of us can drive to Rocky Hill and walk into the Office of the Chief States Attorney with documents in hand and request a review. Hell, I'd take the bus if I have to, and Rocky Hill is closer than the FBI Offices in Meriden.

So if the City's Auditor and the Audit Commission are suffering from a case of "Low T" myself and others will be glad to take care of business. If past practice is any indicator, the IAC and the Auditor's have been reluctant to refer anything for prosecution, even well documented thefts of large amounts of cash from the Tax Collector's Office, Seeing the behavior to keep this report from the public, I am not expecting too much.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Campbell needs to go just like the rest of those crooks. He can only hide the truth for so long, soon or later it all comes out, and that makes him an assessory after the fact.

Anonymous said...

It would seemed from this article that Mr. Bookman and commentator have jumped to conclusions, lacking any facts. For the record, it is the responsibility of the Corporation Counsel, Mayor or City Council to refer perceived illegality to the State Attorney Office. The IAC and Auditor have done their job in accordance with City Ordinance by issuing their report. Contrary to Mr. Bookman's speculation, the report does the commission justice.

RegularGuy said...

You are absolutely right that the New Years' Eve dinner at least is criminal. To bring spouses to dinner means not only that non-city-workers were eating on the city dime, but also that the self-sacrificing city cabinet members who so tirelessly worked through First Night were NOT in fact giving up time with their families.