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Sunday, April 28, 2013


A lot of my postings I enjoy writing, especially when I uncover something and have the documents to post. This is a posting I really don't enjoy writing, but I think it is long overdue. For anyone who follows City hall through here or the media, it should be quite evident that something isn't working right when it comes to the Administration of Pedro Segarra.

It is sad to see an Administration that came in with so much hope and potential after one of the darkest periods in Hartford's history.falling apart. An era during which a corrupt Mayor was sentenced to prison for illegal activity after a Grand Jury Investigation.

None of what I am going to write here is news to Mayor Segarra, I have said all of this direct to his face, as well as many others trying to get Pedro back on track, but to no avail.As the house of cards falls apart more and more each day, It is very disheartening to see a Mayor that came in with so much goodwill to continue to crash and burn.

I recently asked Pedro if he ever thought about all of those people, myself included, that were praying for a conviction in the Perez case, just so Pedro could take over and steer this City back on course. We actually thought he was going to do it.

I also asked Pedro if he was aware of what most leaders would consider the number one rule when it comes to management. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with with. And Pedro, you have surrounded yourself with some real winners.. Your" cabinet" is a group of people who seem to never miss out on an opportunity to embarrass you. The sooner you realize this  and cut them loose the quicker you can stabilize your administration.

The saddest part, to me Pedro, is that the people I talk to wish you no ill will. They almost all agree that your poor leadership is the result of bad advice and your "advisers" leading you down the wrong path. A path that is more about their own self serving interests and futures than it is about a City that has so much potential.

Pedro, think about all of those people that have tried to talk to you and give you advice. Many of them people that you have known for years who have never asked anything from you, other than your friendship. Can they all be wrong?

As much as I hate to say this, the things that are becoming embarrassments to you, would have never happened under the previous administration. And rest assured, if they did, the people behind them would have made a quick exit from City hall, not have been rewarded.

How did the P-Card issue become such a firestorm for you? Who caused the firestorm that is brewing and quite possibly maybe your legacy as Mayor if arrests should occur. I'll answer this one for you because it is clear your eyes aren't open to the situation, for whatever reason. It was your immature and inexperienced Chief of Staff who thought he had a sense of entitlement to be the Big spender on New Years Eve and whip out his City Credit Card to pay for a $700.00 meal at the taxpayers expense.

Did he not think his misuse ,and possibly illegal, use of City Credit card wouldn't come back to haunt you? You keep telling me how "Jared has your back" and he is the only one you can count on. I think it is time you start rethinking that support. I know you have heard this from plenty of others, it might be time to open your eyes.

And what about the retiree issue that has risen to be a big issue. It was your law school classmate that you have put so much confidence in that created this debacle for you. Is she above the law and City ordinances don't apply when she doesn't feel like it or was she just ignorant to Hartford's Municipal Code. Either way, not a good thing for your handpicked attorney who I would think had an obligation to provide you with prudent advice.

 If not only for the reason  to protect you as one of your so called "friends"to protect you from embarrassment, but more importantly to advise you as the lawyer that is supposed to protect you from liability and breaking the law.

And now you want her to run the entire operation? What are you thinking? If she can't even perform her duties as Corporation Counsel, why would anyone in their right mind give her the keys to the Kingdom as COO. Remember that number one lesson, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with..

And who does your vote counting? Wouldn't you have checked on that before nominating her as COO. Again, I could never imagine the previous administration, with all of their faults, making suck a Major misstep. I know some of it was out of you control Pedro, you probably never thought she would write an e-mail questioning a Councilpersons mental stability, I know you lost a couple votes there, but it clearly was never even close on the vote.

Again, poor advice to move it forward , unless you like being embarrassed, which I am starting to think is the case.And your other "key advisor" Mr. Colon-Rivas also seems to have no problem lying to you and being a source of embarrassment. At least I hope he is lying to you, if you are aware of his phony address and condone it as one of your department heads, that is even worse.

Pedro, I sincerely hope you pay attention to some of this. There are plenty of people in our great City bothered by your impending implosion. The same people would step up to help you in a heartbeat though because we believe in the potential of Hartford. Many of us still hold out hope that the spark of leadership can be ignited in you and see you become what we had hoped for in our next Mayor a couple years ago,.

The first step though is to get some people around you that truly have your back and support you and love this City as much as you claim you do


James Brown (good God) said...

Kevin it ain't going to happen he's going down in flames. To ignorant to notice and to stupid to see it, and in the end hell be left standing alone asking "what happened?".
Really Pedro, Jared comes in for a campaign job and leaves with the Chief of Staff, I am sure your support of good Ned Lamint had something to do with this, maybe that's why your relationship with the Gov. Is non existent. The ESI bonuses, Rivas -Colon gets how much not one of those big bonuses saved the city money it cost the city money that gets figured into their pensions, good going. What 70-80k a year for a pension for an administrators job isn't good enough and free health care you have to give away more.
The P cards your own words will come back to haunt you on that one. Let me refresh your memory, reimbursement, suspension, termination and prosecution, which one will you Chief of Staff fall under? Oh and ont forget how you lied right to Len Bestoff, if the powers that be at a channel 3 had any balls they would let Len loose on you and your band of misfit toys.
Get your act straight and your house in order before the axe falls on your neck like a turkey's at thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...


I have talked to you personally about this a few times, but I am still posting as anonymous. Your sincerity in wishing Pedro to succeed is something I know is genuine. I thank you for doing what you do, even though it isn't always easy or popular. If Pedro was smart he would start paying attention to your advice because it is not meant with malice. He may also want to pay attention to the fact that you have been on the correct side of most of the issues that will be his downfall. When your intent is genuine, your heart will guide you in the right direction. When you are driven by greed and the need to be popular, that is when you get in trouble.Kevin, I know Jared Kupiec and you are no Jared Kupiec, Thank God.

Pedro, please, please,please wake up

something is rotten in hartford said...

It's too late for Pedro and his closest advisors.Their grasping for money and favors for their friends will cause several of them to be arrested/fired and the ship will go down.The prosecutors are already looking at one deal effecting a close friend of Pedro and we do have the SAMA deal and others right behind them. And then there are those ESI bonuses,p-cards,phoney overtime,and other emoluments that will sink this administration.

Anonymous said...

I can only say that I feel sad as I do like Pedro very much. He used to be so compassionate and so understanding, a true good guy. Suddenly he got into mess , who doesnt when under the influence of corrupt advisors. Watch it for attorneys "unionized", not all are truthful or ethical. Most look for their own profit. As Kevin said you are according to those who surround you. You have made a big mistake by trusting SKB. Pedro fix things if you can right now, and get rid of those who had been careless about you. There seem to be an agenda to get rid of you so other group could come to do worse ugly things. This is how it has been for many years. You fell right into their trap. Wake UP!

Anonymous said...

Kevin,why dont we look for an outsider to run for mayor who has no ties,debts,favors or obligations to anyone? They do it every once in a while for other key positions in the city ,why not at the top? Would it be possible to attract and challenge a honest,successful politician from another city?

Diangenes said...

Anonymous 5:33 wake up and smell the coffee. No honest or successful candidate would be acceptible to the corrupt folks within the DTC or around city hall

Anonymous said...

WAKE UP! Pedro, you are loosing the TAXPAYER'S RESPECT. You have become so self centered and you are not listening to what the TAXPAYERS are saying. You have surrounded yourself with the worse group of corrupted lawyers that are just looking out for themselves.

WAKE UP! Pedro it's time to remove all those ribbons from your eyes.

WAKE UP! It's getting late and your group of attorneys are not going to be able to represent you in court, as it will be a conflict of interest. And besides they cannot interpret laws.

WAKE UP! Pedro you are being setup by this batch of bad apples that you, yourself hand picked. There is a saying that "one bad apple spoils the rest", well that is exactly what's going on in City Hall's third floor. Get rid of all those bad apples before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, thanks for your sincerity and your time dedicated to this blog. Jared Kupiec has been passed around the Democratic political world because we has been incompetent at every previous job. All his previous employers gave him a good reference just so they could get rid of him. All those people are now cringing as they watch him ruin the city of Hartford. However, the blame is not all his. That would give him too much credit. Segarra is the one giving him free rein and keeping him employed (and giving him raises, a credit card, and a new car.)

End the cards said...

Kupiec even has a safety complex card and access to the gym, issued and approved by Chief Rovella.Rovella seems to be groveling and currying for favor from Kupiec.

Palin Smith said...

Keep elected Democrats and it only gets worse. Try something difference just once!