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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I was trying to go online tonight to pull up Hartford's Ethics Code. I was trying to  find out if using a City Credit card for personal use, specifically to buy your New Years Eve Dinner, is a violation. is apparently still down, so I can't get to the ethics code. I can wait though, City Auditor Patrick Campbell apparently told the Council tonight at his budget hearing that he would have the P-Card audit to them by the end of the day tomorrow.

I have also requested documentation of  the substantiating receipts for two of the big spenders through an FOI request. Although the City acknowledged the request last week, the documents still haven't been provided, which makes me wonder about the record keeping if they aren't readily available, or maybe the file full of the cocktail napkins can't be located.

I am not sure if the website hacking had anything to do with the Hartford Dispatch Center crashing yesterday also. Although I was told the dispatch system was redundant, the backup must have had problems also, since officers were told that they couldn't get case numbers because Team Jaffe was dispatching with pencils and paper.

Try it yourself here


Dino Venetta said...

It looks good to me


The website appears to have come back up sometime yesterday