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Friday, May 3, 2013


George Harris
Kevan Simmons

Simmons has 28 previous Hartford arrests

Harris has 24 previous Hartford arrests

On March 28, 2013 Hartford Police officers were dispatched to Bedford St. on a report of shots fired. Two victims, who were shot multiple times, were located and immediately transported to St. Francis. The Hartford Police Department Major Crimes Division began an immediate investigation. Based on this investigation, arrest warrants were obtained for Kevan Simmons, 21 of Hartford and George Harris, 22 of Hartford.

Kevan Simmons was charged with: Criminal Attempt Murder 53a-49/53a-54a; Assault 1st 53a-59; Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm 53-203; Criminal Possession of a Firearm 53a-217c; Reckless Endangerment 1st 53a-63.

George Harris was charged with Hindering Prosecution 53a-166. Harris was one of the victims in the shooting. Investigators believe that Harris was a co-conspirator of Simmons, and was accidently shot by Simmons in the shooting.

Of note, Kevan Simmons is a person of interest in another recent violent shooting in the City of Hartford. Anyone with information about Kevan Simmons is asked to call Lieutenant Brian Foley at 860-757-4463 or Crime Stoppers at 860-722-TIPS (8477).


Anonymous said...

Kevin, It took me awhile but I "THINK?" I finally got it !!!!! 15 Years ago ,these two thugs would have been the same age as those "bunch of white kids " who got murdered in Newtown. Is that the similarity you were refering to? If it is ,how tragic and i am outraged those 'suburbanites' dont care!!! Can you tell me where i can drop off some Teddy Bears and show some respect?


What are you talking about, I can't make any sense out of your comparison, and I made no comment on anything in the press release, Are you trying to stir something up that isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, PLEASE go back and read your post under the heading 'WHY DONT HARTFORDS PARENTS MATTER" Then please read mine April 9th at 9:30 pm (TWICE IF YOU HAVE TO). These two S@%TBAGS represent what happens day in and day out across our major cities ,and im supposed to feel as sorry for their parents as those in Newtown? Who do you think enables these idiots to live that lifestyle? You think they put up 1st and lasts monthes rent and they all live together and nobody knows about the drugs, guns, etc ? You really think we should have saved seats for this "mommy" and "daddy" when Obama came to town? Obviously you hit a cord with me. You dont make too many mistakes with your opinions but you got to "MAN UP" and say you were a little off target by comparing HTFD and Newtown as being the same. Thanks for letting me express myself


OK. I think that makes a little more sense, but these are the shooter's , not the victims. If they were the victims , you might have a valid point. I just posted their arrest photo's and I was not surprised by the footnote."Simmons has 28 previous Hartford arrests
Harris has 24 previous Hartford arrests"

How does this happen and why are they still roaming Hartford's streets with guns?

RB said...

That sir, is THE question!

Anonymous said...

Regarding your comment at 4:45,"MOST" of the city's victims are mirroring the lifestyle of the shooters. So in "MOST" cases there is no difference between the two. As far as roaming the streets ....they have to live somewhere. Why is the bulk of the community allowing them to live among them? When I see activists and clergy hold rally's or marches.there aren't many people particapating. why is that?

Anonymous said...

shut up cause I no both simmons and harris they are really good friends of mine im about the same age and I just would like to say non of this would happen if their was more jobs being handed out to the young adults in Hartford. we need help in the streets less talking more doing people in the street would rather. this