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Thursday, February 4, 2016



On February 3rd 2016 Hartford Police Department Vice and Narcotics Detectives were attempting to execute a search warrant at the second floor residence of 112 Ward Street.

Prior to executing the search warrant, HPD Vice and Narcotics Detectives developed information that the target of the search warrant (Abdul Callwood) was in the area 277 Buckingham Street with a large amount of heroin. Investigators located Callwood at the mentioned location and seized (1497) bags of heroin (Packaged for street level sales).

At the Buckingham Street location Callwood and a Hispanic female (identified as Kristine Thompson 4-21-92) were arrested for several narcotics related charges. Information was further developed during the course of the investigation that Thompson was "stashing" and packaging heroin at the Flamingo Inn hotel, located in Windsor, Connecticut. Detectives were able to identify a room at the Flamingo Inn and with the invaluable assistance from the Windsor Police Department, as well as Hartford STF members, Vice and Narcotics Detectives were able to search the motel room.

Inside the room, investigators located (18) grams of "raw" heroin and numerous amounts of packaging materials. (Officers from the Windsor Police Department took custody of the drugs at the Inn and will be applying for an arrest warrant/further charges for Thompson at a later time).

Investigators then executed the search warrant at 112 Ward Street (Callwood’s residence). During the execution of the search warrant, a loaded .40 caliber firearm, a loaded .25 caliber firearm, a loaded SKS assault rifle (stolen out of Oregon), numerous rounds of ammunition, (64) grams of "raw" heroin and numerous amounts of packaging material were located. The target (Callwood), who is a convicted felon, was placed under arrest for numerous narcotics and firearms related charges. Callwood also had an outstanding warrant for narcotic related offense.

During the course of the investigation Detectives were able to obtain a total of 1800 bags of heroin from the target at the 3 locations.

Hartford Police Vice and Narcotics Detectives were assisted by the HPD Special Operations Group, Hartford Shooting Task Force, South Conditions Unit.

Hartford STF members from the CT State Police and Windsor Police Department also provided direct and valued assistance to this operation.

8 previous
Arrest: Abdul Callwood 41 of 112 Ward Street (Convicted Felon)
1.       Possession of an Assault Weapon
2.       Criminal Possession of a Firearm (3 counts)
3.       Possession of High Capacity Magazine
4.       Possession of Stolen Firearm
5.       Possession of Narcotics (3 Counts)
6.       Possession of Narcotics With Intent to Sell (4 Counts)
Bond $350k (Windsor Arrest Warrant Pending)

Arrest: Kristine Thompson 23 of Windsor CT
1.       Possession of Narcotics
2.       Conspiracy Sale of Narcotics
3.       Possession of Narcotics With Intent to Sell

One brown and black SKS 7.62 assault rifle and UTG rifle scope & High capacity mag
One black CZ 75, model P07 .40 caliber semiauto handgun
One black Beretta, model 21A .25 caliber semiauto handgun
64 grams raw Heroin
1800 bags packaged
Heroin packaging material
numerous live rounds


21fitz said...

Hunting has nothing to do with the second amendment my friend. This guy is not allowed by law to have any firearm but again he did not follow the law why do criminals not follow Malloy's new gun laws???!!!!
By the way this weapon has been labelled an "assualt" weapon by whom?
The liberal democrats who control and have controlled for decades most of the cities where so called gun violence runs rampant.

Anonymous said...

Great job HPD.