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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


On Monday, February 2, 2016, at approximately 1:00 p.m., the Manchester Police Department developed information that a male identified as, William Jusino, 23, of Manchester, CT was hiding out at the residence of 29 Williams Street, third floor, in Hartford.  Manchester PD held an active felony warrant for Jusino for both Robbery 1st with a Firearm & Assault 2nd Degree.  Members of the HPD Shooting Task Force, HPD/US Marshals Fugitive Task Force, and Manchester Police Department, went to 29 Williams Street (3rd floor), and initiated contact.  The door was opened by a female who admitted that Jusino was inside; He was located hiding under a bed in the master bedroom and was secured without incident.  A search of the apartment yielded a firearm and narcotics.  An active Judicial Protective Order was in place, which prohibits Jusino from being in contact with the female resident with the following conditions CT03- Stay away from the home of the protected person and wherever the protected person resides, CT05- Do not contact the protected person in any manner, CT07- The (accused individual) Jusino is prohibited from possessing and / or purchasing a firearm or other weapons and CT16- Stay 100 yards from the protected person.  Jusino was transported to the Hartford Police Department Booking facility for processing procedures.  Jusino was held on a $600,000 bond.  The Manchester warrant carried a $500,000 dollar bond and will be served at GA14.  The following listed items were seized as evidence:
One Kel-Tec .380 caliber, Model P3AT Auto Pistol with obliterated serial number, containing one magazine with six live .380 caliber rounds
Nine live .380 Caliber rounds
One clear plastic bag containing a white rock like substance, approximate weight of 2.7 Grams (tested positive for Cocaine)
One small plate containing white rock like substances, approximate weight of 0.6 Grams (tested positive for Cocaine)
One plastic "zip loc" bag containing green leafy substance (tested positive for presumptive presence of THC)
One bottle of gun cleaning solution & gun cleaning rod
Arrested: William Jusino, 23, of Manchester, CT (Convicted Felon)
1.      Violation of a Protective Order
2.      Criminal Possession of a Firearm
3.      Obliterated Serial Number
4.      Criminal Possession of Ammunition
5.      Possession of Narcotics
6.       Possession of Narcotics within 1500ft of School


Chris Lyons retired HPD said...

This was excellent work in the apprehension of the convicted felon, Mr. Jusino. Sadly this will most likely be the only title he attains in life. A drug dealer with a firearm and violating a protective order are all three things that destroy the security of any neighborhood.

This criminal is where he belongs and that is in jail awaiting trial.

Nice work-dangerous job and the Williams Street area is safer with him gone.

Crabtree the range ghost said...

Dont worry one tiny bit Brookman. These types of highspeed arrests will continue on now that Newell and Logan are stayin In the proactive role that they put the first pagers to magic eye ball predicts more burners then stf this summer ...... And at 50 percent less pink to boot !!!! Oh snap .... I still got mad props to NEW First $GT

Anonymous said...

Man, these guys are freaky looking. Scroll down. I am expecting to see the Elephant Man at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Mr Brookman, I was told there are more public meetings on the stadium. Have you heard anything?


There are public meetings of the stadium authority every month

Anonymous said...

Stadium meetings with public comments? I would think it would serve your readers if you published the times, no?

Anonymous said...

What the heck is 11:52 talking about?

Anonymous said...


and maybe Kevin could pick you up and drive you to the meeting if that makes it more convenient for you