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Thursday, February 4, 2016


I really am not sure why some people feel that they can disrespect anyone with a disability by parking in a posted Disabled Parking space.

I have posted before about Hartford Police cruisers parked in a posted Disabled Parking Space.

I have posted about the State Representative in the Dunkin Donuts disabled spot for convenience , who was in a hurry to get his afternoon coffee

People parking in disabled spots without a permit has been one of my pet peeves for a while. (To be politically correct, they aren't referred to as "Handicap spots" any more, they are disabled persons parking spots)

Even more recently, it was reported that the Commissioner of Connecticut's Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Public Protection (used to known as the State Police Commissioner) Doris Schriro was photographed parking in a disabled parking space at a State Police barracks, reportedly because she was in a hurry to catch a flight  from Bradley. Reportedly she made a donation to a non-profit that deals with the disabled, I guess that makes her indiscretion all right, too bad for the person that might actually need a disabled spot

But lets forget about political correctness, lets focus on human decency. I was extremely disgusted today when I went for a medical appointment at  the Armory Medical Building on Farmington Avenue in West Hartford. The posted disabled parking spaces at the front of the building were all occupied by vehicles properly displaying the disabled hang tag permits, as required by law.

That is all except the UPS truck taking a disabled space for his deliveries, as shown in the pictures above. There is no excuse for such ignorance. Since having my stroke last July, I would gladly give up my disabled parking space and permit to be able to walk the length of a parking lot to get inside.

Those spaces are designated for a reason and I don't think the reasons include making it more convenient to get your afternoon  coffee or being able to make our UPS deliveries quicker.

I just hope none of you, or anyone you care about, needs a disabled parking space for legitimate reasons, then you might just appreciate why they are there.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a well placed ice pick would change their thinking.

Disgusting abuse by people that should know better. I hope that UPS driver faces some severe discipline by his employer

Anonymous said...


My friend, you took the words right out of my mouth. Box cutters would do nicely.

Anonymous said...

it is about time that they get in trouble for parking there. If it was any other person doing that they would be fined. why is there exceptions to the rule for them?

Go Brown said...

He's delivering valuable packages.....relax. He's in and out. If he tries to park any further savages will steal his packages and/or his truck.


No excuse for ignorance, not buying it

Anonymous said...

I should have taken a picture yesterday. I was at Big Lots in Norwich and someone parked not in the disabled spot itself but in the yellow striped area that goes alond side it for the vans that need the spot to unload the wheelchair. Several months ago at Stop and Shop in Colchester some motorcycle idiot did the same thing and didn't flinch when I stared him down shaking my head, motorcycles can fit anywhere they certainly don't need to take part of a disabled spot. Hopefully UPS will inform you as to the discipline handed out to this driver, especially on a day like today.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday a saw a FedEx truck parked in the fire lane at the West Farms Mall. What's worse? Fire lane or Handicapped spot? I'll bet you a fireman would have a problem with the fire lane parking. Where are these delivery men supposed to park? Should they find a parking spot like everyone else? I don't think so, that would cripple deliveries. Most business have way to many handiacapped spots anyways. Concentrate more on the idiots with fake / phony handicapped placards and people using relatives placards. The majority of people utilizing handiacapped spots aren't the handiacapped people that need the spots. These delivery workers have a tough enough time as it is, you commenters are the same people that will flip if your package is late.

Anonymous said...

There should be no discipline.

Anonymous said...

This crap will never stop until people are held accountable. Take the commissioner of all people ,nothing will happen ,no discipline-suspension and (how hypocritical is this) NO FINE OR TICKET!!! I don't know if it's me,but when is the last time you saw a cop writing out a traffic violation??? Years ago it was prevalent everywhere,cities-towns and especially on the highways. Outside of a DUI checkpoint,you can get away with almost any motor vehicle violation in the State of CT. If other states,towns and cities enforce these types of "crimes" then we should too!!! Go speeding down I95 in Virginia and see what happens or try one of those small towns in South Carolina. It seems our society (in CT) now accepts uncivil behavior as long as its not violent.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, excellent news reporting on handicap spaces. These spaces are reserved for the handicap and that is that. A donation is not acceptable. If the Commissioner did not get caught there would have been no donation made. She should have had to pay a large sum of money called a fine or ticket. I bet the State Representative did not make a donation and did not get a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Equally agregious are those who drive cars with Handicapped stickers who have no observable handicap nor do do their passengers. These deadbeats are taking advantage of the handicapped sticker to park in spaces where cars who are transporting handicapped individuals should be able to park legitimately. Bottom line if your or your passenger doesn't have a handicap then you shouldn't be abusing the privlage. Shame on those who abuse the system and shame on a system which fails to take action against those who routinely abuse the system!



Why no discipline? Did I miss the disabled parking permit for the UPS truck. There is no other acceptable explanation for parking there.


4:01 PM

is that the UPS drivers call to determine who has the right to park in those spaces?

I am pretty sure that most disabled persons who legitimately need and use those spaces would gladly give up their permits to be able to walk through a parking lot without any physical disability.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8:30 PM: You do understand that not all disabilities and "handicaps" are visible, don't you? There are many valid reasons why a person may have a legitimate disability hang tag. You can't possibly say with assurance that a person is not disabled, simply by looking at her or him.




some of these comments are really surprising to me but I guess it really does highlight the ignorance or the lack of understanding of various disabilities. Do disabilities only come with a limp or crutches and have to be outwardly visible? What about the heart condition that keeps someone from being able to exert themselves walking from a distant corner of the parking lot. What about the cancer patient going through chemo treatments that can barely draw enough energy to get out of bed each day, never mind walking a few hundred extra feet from a parking space to get into the medical building for a doctor's appointment or blood work in the lab.

There have been days when I have to use a space when picking up medications, and I might look OK walking in but just barely make it back to my car with the fatigue from walking in and standing.Or maybe I should start wearing a t-shirt with large letters that says "stroke survivor, please don't judge me for my parking" and yes I could ask people to make the trip to get my medications, but another aspect to a disability is trying to live a life as "normal" as possible and being self reliant and not having to ask for help for everything that used to be a regular occurrence.

For those ignorant people out there who seem to care less because they want that quick coffee or are too lazy to do their job and bring those packages in on a hand truck , it reminds me of the saying "don't judge until you walk a mile in their shoes" Hopefully that mile you walk won't have to be with a disability that puts physical restrictions on you. You might look at things a little differently then.

And yes, there is abuse of the disabled parking permit program. Recent changes have been made that no longer enable the permits to be good "for life" .Hopefully these changes will mean the end of keeping a dead relatives permit and using it for years to get into the disabled parking space with ease. They must now be renewed every six years and can be checked much easier now by Police Officers and attached by numbering ID's to the specific operator that relate to the users Drivers license. The penalties need to be increased though also to make State Reps, UPS Drivers and even State Police Commissioners to think twice before using those spots. A disability can happen to anyone in the blink of an eye, and you might just look at those spaces a little different if it is you that actually has the need for one.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly the ones your talking about 8:30PM. I guess some here don't get it. Go watch the handiacapped spots at Walmart on Flatbush Ave and they'll see exactly what your talking about.

Anonymous said...

Kevin ,I think comments at 8:30 and 12:44 are referring to the same people who cant get or hold a job even though they are able bodied and mentally fit, who collect unemployment/welfare off OUR TAXES AND ARE TOO LAZY TO WALK A REASONABLE DISTANCE FOR THEIR "FREE" S#%T !!!!!!!!! I don't think they meant "not obvious" disabilities. HEY 12:44 I GOT IT !!!!! We need to have our police more pro active toward enforcing these "crimes"