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Friday, February 5, 2016


This link will take you to our "We the People" program on Hartford Public Access. Their new "video on demand" feature is up and running and our February 1, 2016 program is available there.

The first thirty seconds or so of audio is before we actually went on the air, and didn't realize our microphones were live, luckily we were being nice and nothing bad was said.


Deer vs cattle said...

Mr Brookman , why does Chief Rovella dance around the lack of funds questions at all the community meetings?
Why does the shooting task force get Millions to fund ?
Why are the high speed conditions guys being thrown back to patrol like dogs on mather st ?
Why are more guys thinking of leaving because morale is in the toliet?
This conditions thing might be the nail in the no confidence vote........

Anonymous said...

I agree. This chief has destroyed the morale. They will find a way to justify eliminating conditions. You think crime is bad now? Wait till there is no more conditions. The no vote of confidence will never happen. The department's mentality for the most part has become all about individuals instead of unity. That's why the veterans are leaving. They've had enough of the bull.

Anonymous said...

I am a newbie here. What is "condition," please?