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Monday, February 1, 2016


Throughout the months of August and September 2015, there had been numerous burglary and larceny related crimes reported by contractors working at the Dunkin Donuts Baseball Stadium. Through diligent investigative efforts by the Hartford Police Department Central Burglary Detectives, along with the assistance of HPD Patrol Officers, investigators were able to identify and locate the suspect. During the course of the burglaries it was learned that the suspect ate and drank food within the construction trailers. From this, investigators were able to locate significant DNA evidence. With the assistance of the State Lab a profile was identified. Detectives interviewed the suspect who was already incarcerated on unrelated burglary charges. The suspect gave a detailed voluntary statement detailing each of the burglaries at this location.

Detectives completed four separate burglary warrants under case numbers 15-25779, 15-26668, 15-27842,
and 15-28194.

Accused: Leon, Felix 39 of Belden St. Hartford, CT. (Convicted Felon with 4 previous Hartford arrests)
1.       Criminal Attempt Burglary 3rd (1)ct
2.       Burglary 3rd (8)cts
3.       Criminal Mischief 3rd (11)cts
4.       Larceny 3rd (2)cts
5.       Larceny 2nd (2)cts
6.       Criminal Trespass 3rd (1)ct


Anonymous said...

A Pedro Maria supporter, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

HPD aint no joke.