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Monday, February 1, 2016


On Sunday, January 31, 2016, at approximately 8:35 p.m., Hartford Police Patrol Officers observed a motor vehicle accident in the area of Albany Avenue and Main Street.  During the course of the investigation, HPD Patrol Officers found a Hi-Point .40 caliber handgun, containing six live rounds in the magazine and one chambered, 1300 bags of heroin, and $331.00 dollars in U.S. currency.  The Windham CT resident in possession of the items is a convicted felon.  HPD Shooting Task Force Detectives arrived on scene and Vice & Narcotic Detectives were also notified. 

1999 Chevy Lumina
Hi-Point .40 caliber handgun with seven live rounds
1300 bags of Heroin
$ 331.00 in U.S. Currency

Arrested: Gabriel Rodriguez, 28, of Windham, CT
1.       Failure to drive in proper lane
2.       Operating M/V without a license
3.       Weapons in M/V
4.       Carrying pistol w/o permit
5.       Criminal possession of a pistol
6.       Possession of narcotics
7.       Possession within 1500' school
8.       Possession with intent to sell


Anonymous said...

Definite a friend of Pedro Maria Segarra.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kevin for showing that patrol also does great work. As well as other divisions in the Police department.


I thought it goes without saying that patrol is the backbone of the Police Department, but I guess people like to read it also

Anonymous said...

Patrol = Job Scurity. There will never be lay-offs. The city is filled with those who do bad to others.

Retired HPD said...

Message to boys and girls in blue- support each other, nobody else out here will. With the current state of affairs, you guys need each other more now than ever. Stop killing each other publicly in this format. You'll be respected if you approach your adversary in person. Back each other up and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. But those days are long gone. I've been on 14 years. It's become a dog eat dog place. Guys are about themselves and the clicks. Guys go out of there way not to back each other up. No respect, it's very sad what this place has become.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much about reading it but putting it out there for other people to see. If all they read about is stf, then all they will believe that stf are the only ones doing good work. Not knocking what they do because they do good work. But it's nice to see that other divisions like patrol get credit.

Anonymous said...

Officers, if I may speak for myself at least, I respect the hard and dangerous work that you do. But when one in your ranks goes rogue or the power goes to his head, that is when you lose me. Don't protect a bad apple. Get rid of him because when you protect someone who is deserving of criticism, you all get tainted with the expected negative response.