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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hartford, Conn. (May 24, 2016) — Eight Hartford fire department personnel will be recognized ...for their part in going above and beyond the call of duty in service. On May 12, 2016, LT Anthony Healis assigned to the Tactical Unit, Tour D, at 275 Pearl St., heard a woman screaming from an open second floor window at the fire station. He ran downstairs and told the firefighters there under his command that he thought that someone needed help.

 Across the street in the parking lot at Ann Uccello St and Pearl St, a perpetuator was seen striking the woman in the face in an apparent robbery attempt. The four firefighters then ran across the street and chased the perpetuator approximately 2 blocks before subduing and restraining him until law enforcements arrival. The other members of the Tactical Unit on scene was Firefighter Timothy Mathis, Firefighter Travon Nickson, and Firefighter Bryan Riddick.

“The actions of these dedicated professionals demonstrates the “service before self” mentality that embodies the Hartford fire department. They put themselves in harm’s way to help a citizen who was being violently assaulted. I couldn’t be prouder of them and their actions, as Chief of Department,” said HFD Fire Chief, Reginald Freeman.

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, Engine 16, Tour B, staffed by Acting LT Lewis Daniels, P/O Martin Quirk, Firefighter Renaldo Rivera, and Firefighter John E. Rodriguez responded to a residence in the north end for a woman who may be giving birth to a child. Engine 16 personnel arrived on scene within minutes and successfully delivered the newborn girl.

 Engine 16 personnel cared for the mother and newborn baby for approximately 9 mins until the local ambulance provider arrived on scene to transport both the baby and mother to the hospital for additional postpartum care and evaluation.

“I turned to grab our delivery kit out of our EMS bag and as I was turning back to the mother, the baby was crowning already,” said Acting LT Lewis Daniels. Annually, 80-85% of the fire department’s 24,000 calls for service a year are EMS calls. “EMS is an important part of our mission here at HFD and I am proud that our trained professionals have once again, demonstrated their professionalism and multi-role expertise in the delivery of this beautiful baby girl,” said Fire Chief Reginald Freeman.

All members will be presented with the “Chief’s Award of Excellence” and a “Unit Citation” for their actions and efforts at their fire station during their next shift. Personnel from Engine 2 who delivered a baby last month will also be recognized with the same awards in their fire station.


Anonymous said...

Great job guys! Happy to be working next to you all!

VP Police & Fire Association

Anonymous said...

Ironically 275 Pearl is the firehouse the mayor wants to shut down. This is not the first time that firefighters from this station have come to the aid of a civilian who was going to be the victim of a crime . It happens alot around the perimeters of that firehouse. Many times the civilians have been lucky we heard them yell for help or we have witnessed vehicle break ins and have caught the assailants.Pretty soon if the mayor gets his way 275 Pearl will be closed.

Anonymous said...

Way to go tac. Should have dragged him back to firehouse. Lt then says get him in the basement well put him in the coffin till cops get here. Imagine the look on his face.