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Thursday, May 26, 2016


It seems like just a few short weeks ago the Hartford Fire Department was headed for a major meltdown.At least 85 to 90 high ranking and experienced firefighters were expected to be heading for retirement.

Many of those were expected to leave over  uncertainty and misinformation or bad information that was  swirling about over their futures and their pensions due to budget problems.

Now it seems that eventually accurate information was put out and those pension fears have been calmed.

According to a HFD source, at least 34 or more of those retirees have rescinded their planned retirements. Those that have already officially retired area ble to come back under a grace  period.

Of the 8 Deputy Chiefs who were expected to retire, now only 2 are actually taking retirement, and reportedly only one Captain is leaving.

Overall , great news for HFD   and Hartford's residents.

Communicating makes a huge difference


Anonymous said...

Kevin, I remember "a few short weeks ago" before your " few short weeks ago"At that time I was certain,informed and understood what Bronin was going to do with our contract and pension if he got his greasy little hands on them . Thank God he didn't get the votes ! I ,along with scores of other firefighters witnessed The Weasle at the legislative building and again at city hall salivating at the prospect of doing what we thought was unthinkable. At no time did he turn to us and reassure that HFD was not part of his grand plan. Our contract is up at the end of June ,why didn't he calm the waters and state that he would wait a "few short weeks" and negotiate with local 760 on realistic concessions and a new contract????? Also 'there is a existing law stating what was in the bulls$@t commitment letter. We are all not sheep Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Only fools are rescinding their papers, and not as few as you believe. Some are foolish enough to believe Bronin and chase the rainbow. They are indeed trying to go to a 56 hr. workweek. If you are not a fool all you have to do is look at the people who are still leaving. People from the administrative side and the union side are still leaving. That is what people should be watching.

Anonymous said...

when is Vinnie leaving? He is not, that is what people should be watching also. If the trough is about to run dry, why isn't the pig going somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

No matter what happens with contracts or bulls&@t agreements,the president of local 760 gets approximatly $40,000 + perks,BRONIN CANT TOUCH THAT IF VINNY OR ANY OTHER UNION LEADER STAYS BEHIND IN THAT POSITION,,,,can YOU say the same about your work schedule ,overtime,recent raises,promotions,health benefits,step increases for new hires ,closing firehouses etc.??? Oh yea by the way all that shit I just mentioned or left out ,,who do you think made those deals you enjoyed for how ever long you've been there,Larry,Curly and Moe ???? If this is your first time in a union then your witnessing what happens when the ship goes down,,,,someone has to stay behind. This is one fire that you won't look like a "shitbag" if you bailout on! It would be more admirable if you said you can't afford to leave,want a promotion,don't want to be home with the wife,etc than to be a "hater"

Anonymous said...

Kevin, once this talk of the insane 56 hour workweek gets going, then the exodus will begin in earnest. Country Club Bronin should take his carpetbagging, candy ass, dumb ideas back to Malloys office. Bronin will never last here, I give him another year, tops. This guy cant even walk the streets of this city without a bodyguard. What a shame for the city of Hartford. Hey, Luke if you can find Garden street, why don't you walk the length of it at midnight, just to show your solidarity with the people of Hartford.