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Sunday, May 22, 2016


 A deer was hit and killed by a car today. The mother left a baby fawn orphaned by the accident.

HPD Officers stepped up to rescue the fawn and care for it until DEEP could arrange for its care with a rehabilitator

HPD's good deeds really aren't too hard to find if you look.


Anonymous said...

HPD Finest performs excellent outreach once again.

peter brush said...

Slain Auburn Police Officer Remembered
CBS Boston

The devastated mother of slain Auburn police officer Ronald Tarentino Jr. denounced a dangerous, growing culture of disrespect for law enforcement that she sees.

“I just wish people had a little bit more respect for what they do — nobody has respect for them anymore,” Sharon Tarentino, 63, told the Herald yesterday as she grieved her 42-year-old son, fatally shot yesterday in a pre-dawn traffic stop.

“You never think it’s going to happen to you, it hits you like a sledgehammer. It’s just not fair,” Tarentino said by phone from her Tewksbury home. She said her family was heartbroken.

“He was our first born. His kids are older but they are still going to grow up without their father, and Tricia without her husband,” Tarentino said, referring to her son’s widow and their three boys, ranging in age from 15 to early 20s.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Peter Brush but transgender issues ,Clinton and Trump are more important than a cop getting killed doing his job,please catch up with "our" society and current topics

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous at 10:28 "our society"??!! Let me tell you something! If you vaule garbage topics like hillary Clinton and transgender "issues" more than a cop being killed for no reason while just trying to protect you and me your not in "my society" That being said when the powder keg that this country is becoming finally blows I'm glad there's people with your views of the world out there!!! Because I'm going to stack your bodies in the streets like sandbags and use you for cover!

Anonymous said...


Are you coming down or going up on you ambian high? Caus you sure do sound so full of s_ _ t.

Or R U a crack head?

Or a meth freak?

Anonymous said...

Hey IDIOT at 11:54,please grab a dictionary and/or Google the word SARCASM !!!!!! YOU MUST BE A TRUMP SUPPORTER IF YOUR THAT STUPID. If you ever go to a comedy show please bring someone to explain what the jokes mean.

Anonymous said...

11:54 since you hate trump your as good as a sandbag