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Sunday, May 22, 2016


For years I have focused on Hartford City Hall and identifying problems and corruption throughout City government. I have a pretty good track record there. I need to apologize to every Hartford child and every Hartford parent for essentially ignoring the Hartford Schools while I have focused on City hall.

I have only recently turned my attention to the Hartford Schools , after I was made aware of them hiding a predator in their midst. Those efforts eventually led to the arrest of the alleged predator, Eduardo Genao. His next court date is this week in Hartford.

Only after beginning to look into the matter have I now realized what a cesspool of corruption and cover ups the Hartford Superintendent's Office really is. The reason I apologize is because while I was focused on City Hall, I wasn't looking at the dirty deeds happening in the penthouse offices at 960 Main Street . At least the dirty deeds at City Hall never involved any of our most vulnerable residents, our children. Even though I am not a parent, I say "our" children because I think as a society we all share the responsibility to nurture and PROTECT our kids.

That responsibility is apparently not seen the same  by some of the high priced salaried people sitting behind the secured doors at the Superintendent's  Beth Schiavino-Narvaez's Office. Jill Cutler Hodgman, Paula Altieri, Melinda Kauffman, Giselle Ngoudou  as well as others I am sure, are part of the process that has enabled a predator like Eduardo Genao to survive and actually apparently thrive in the Hartford School System..

One of the main problems is the attitude that allows and tolerates improper behavior, and actually seems to condone it.. I will be writing more about one specific teacher who is feeling the wrath of shaking some cages at 960 Main Street, Natalia Arroyo . but let me stay focused on the predator protection squad for today.

As you can see from my e-mailed FOI request of May 7, 2016 below I had requested
"the entire personnel record of former Hartford Schools employee Eduardo Genao. Please include any and all disciplinary records as well as any and all investigations and investigative reports as well as any  and all complaints received against Eduardo Genao during his tenure with the Hartford Schools. Please include a detailed listing of any exemptions you may claim."

A very short list of documents was received back fro Suhail Aponte at the BOE, which I thought was odd since Genao had been there for years and from what sources were telling me, he had numerous complaints made against him as well as related investigations.

In my FOI request I also asked for a list of any redaction's they were claiming and the statute that allowed such exemptions. I received a heavily redacted, or "blacked out" response with no explanations.

But apparently there are many good people out there that take their responsibility to children and their careers seriously. Today I received a document through "alternative means" that was apparently withheld intentionally from me and a TV station that had requested the same documents.

The document was  a transcript of an interview between  Eduardo Genao, his Union Rep. Neil Macy and Guy Morgan from the state DCF  the document was from  November 14, 2007.. It was apparently an interview regarding inappropriate behavior  allegations against Genao. Although heavily redacted, the document shows Genao admitting to some troubling behavior such as hugging and kissing students and contacting them through social media and telling them to make sure they delete the record of the conversations.

After reading the report, I can see why the Superintendent's Office didn't want me or Channel 30 to see the document. It clearly shows that there were questions about Genao's behavior with children as far back as 2007, and nothing was done , except cover for him and move him around to avoid detection..

Michael Brescia, an elected Democrat to the Board of Education, and a former Educator himself, told me Thursday nigh that  I "needed to get off my high horse" regarding the Board.. That is sad that an educator himself would consider standing up for Child victims as being on a "high horse"

I look forward to the FOI hearing regarding my complaint and seeing Kauffman explain what part of  the entire personnel record of former Hartford Schools employee Eduardo Genao" she didn't understand. It seems pretty simple to me unless you are trying to hide something.

And keep reading for the details on Natalia Arroyo and her treatment by the Kangaroo Court. coming soon.

The original FOI request:

The Document that wasn't supplied and I obtained through "Alternative means"

The heavily redacted "sanitized" version released

E Genao FOI


Bruce Rubenstein said...

This is disgusting and looks like a coverup and an investigation of same should be done immediately.I would suggest that some outside entity who has no nexus to the BOE be enlisted right away to investigate this.The Mayor/Council could conduct an investigation, or better yet hire someone to investigate this and issue a report to the Mayor/Council and BOE. I wonder how many more predators are being protected by the BOE administration.

Anonymous said...

Total scumbag. Wonder what would have happened if the BOE fired him at the time of this incident? With DCF taking a pass, would he have won his job back in a school instead of being placed in a job with no regular contact with students? Good job on bringing out these new facts.

LMAO said...

thanks Bret...I really loved reading the other IMPORTANT material you left at The Kitchen...I will make sure it is sent to the proper parties...lmao

Anonymous said...

I got chills reading this - there is NO WAY - The BOE Chair, Narvaez and Cutler Hodgman didn't know this. If the Supt. didn't know she should have fired every staff member who did know. But without a doubt they all knew and kept our children in harms way. How do they even show their face to teachers and parents? Kevin -Please, please, please keep the heat on these slimy so call educators. They get away with this stuff because they know they can. There is no way any competent Supt. would have approved 31 staff members (at over $61K) to travel to Miami to pick up an award. The Supt. should be fired for that alone. Craig Stallings is over the finance committee. I wonder how much he knew. I am very, very surprised Stallings was not on that free ride. Stallings is on the BOE to benefit Stallings.It is time to clean house. It is time for Narvaez, Wareing,Gnounno, and Stallings to go.

Anonymous said...

He "prayed for guidance". So he couldn't figure out that he had done wrong on his own? This man was making $170,000 a year, and the red flags went up ten years ago, yet he was exonerated save for a tiny slap on the wrist a couple of times and continued to rake in the big bucks. This is justice? Soon--thanks to Kevin Brookman--these disgusting revelations will reach an even wider audience, and there will be NOTHING the board and superintendent can say that will justify their blatant brushing off of those "incidents". Genao kept mentioning the "culture" of the school. So he was only following protocol, right? Hey sicko, so what's up now?

Anonymous said...

Keep exposing this crap. The more we can keep this out front, hopefully, the more attention will be paid. Except that Hartford is so full of mediocre people in responsible positions, I am not so sure.

Ronnie Stallings said...

I'm sorry that you feel some type of why about my husband. But he had NO idea of the $61K Miami trip. He didn't approve this at all. So please get your facts straight before you start slandering someone. An what is Stallings getting out of this for benefit? He doesn't get paid for his elected office. He serves for FREE and puts up with more than what is required.
Don't hide under the cover of Anonymous, especially if you want the truth!!

Ronnie Stallings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ronnie Stallings said...
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Ronnie Stallings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Mrs Stallings,

I think your comments get us to the root of the problem. We didn't elect Craig Stallings wife, we elected him. Elected officials can not remain silent on issues of corruption and wrongdoing and expect their spouses to carry the torch when they are called upon for accountability. Where does Craig stand on this spending? Where does he stand on the predator being protected by the Superintendent? I don't recall seeing any statements from him or other Board members for that matter. And as far as hiding behind "anonymous" I am learning more everyday that there is no protection for whistleblowers at the Board, and those trying to do the right thing could find themselves in deeper problems if they try to stand up. Your husband and the Board have the opportunity to change that. What will Craig do to the employees who intentionally withheld FOI documents from me to provide further cover for the Super and her close staff?

John said...

I have to agree somewhat with Mike Brescia, but only because of the lack of focus on the issue. It's hard to tell whether this is an unproductive anti-board rant or really about protecting children. Any time there is a mention of high priced administrators, salaries, or people without a connection to HR it sounds like children is not the real issue. My $.02 is stick with the real and important message of cover ups and skip all the other editorializing that hides your important message.

Ronnie Stallings said...


He doesn't read your blog. But it's obvious that I do. I have made him aware of what was posted. I'm sure he will be responding. I'm not sure if it will be on your blog or publicly.

My actions to respond to the earlier post. Are just that my actions. I know who the public elected. I'm not the politician nor did I ever say I was or was trying to be. Truthly I don't have the tact nor patience to be in political office.

Bill Katz said...

Mrs Stallings, I too, agree that if your husband is not part of the Sleazy Insider Board of Education Mafia of Hartford, then it is his responsibility to step up and either defend or reject the multiple accusations being make. Silence is a luxury no one can afford. Silence in this case, is an assumption of guilt - by association.

And my name is Bill Katz and I am a resident and tax payer in the City of Hartford. Does this satisfy your need for transparency?

Mrs Stallings, we are waiting to read what your husband has to say. Thank you.

Bill Katz

PS: Do you need me to repeat this?


Read into it whatever you want, the facts are the facts. If I editorialize , tough if it helps make my point

Anonymous said...

First let me state that I personally think this guy deserved to lose his job. But in this labor friendly state, there is absolutely no way HBOE could have fired him over undubstantiated allegations. DCF made no finding. An internal discrimination board couldn't substantiate claims made against him. The state fired a guy who got caught smoking pot in a state vehicle and labor board ordered state to take the guy back. The labor board ordered windsor locks to take back the cop who's cop son had just killed a teen and he removed his son from the scene. Another town fired a cop involved in a car crash who lied about the crash and yup you guessed it, the town had to take the guy back. Hartford had take back a firefighter who was found to be drunk driving a fire truck. And these were cases where the allegations were not "unsubstantiated." More likely HBOE put this guy where they thought he'd have minimal contact given the likelihood that termination wouldn't stick. Thank you liberal CT for making it next to impossible to fire a public employee.

Ernie said...

If someone has not already done so, since DCF dropped the ball the first time around, perhaps a referral should be made to The Office of the Child Advocate (OCA). Per its website:

"The Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) is not an administrator of programs. Rather, the OCA monitors and evaluates public and private agencies that are charged with the protection of children, and reviews state agency policies and procedures to ensure they protect children's rights and promote their best interest. OCA helps to:

advocate for children at risk;
address public policy issues concerning juvenile justice, child care, foster care, and treatment;
review individual cases and investigate complaints;
educate and inform the public of laws and services affecting families and children who are placed under state supervision;
coach families, concerned citizens, and agencies to "navigate" public service and information systems and advocate for children effectively;
review facilities and procedures of public or private institutions or residences where juveniles are placed; and
facilitate change by bringing different agencies together to find creative solutions to difficult problems."

Anonymous said...

You are correct whistle blowers or those that are passionate to stop the incompetence are either moved to another school or are made miserable by their Principal under the guidance of those from downtown

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Stallings- I disagree with you. Your husband can make a statement publicly at a BOE meeting or on this blog. The fact is that he is the BOE finance representative and should have known about the $61K travel to Miami. I personally know that your husband is at the BOE offices almost every day hours at a time. Today (Monday) he was there from about 2pm-5pm. The word around 960 Main Street, is he should be on the payroll, he is at the BOE offices so much. Because he is at the BOE offices so much, why didn't he know. Craig and Richard Wareing are using Narvaez as their puppet as a stepping stone for their political future(my opinion) they both are at 960 Main at least 3 to 4 days a week walking around snooping. Giving her orders about who to fire, promote, layoff, and put pressure on. You may deny it, but I see it in action. He can't deny he is in charge of the BOE finance subcommittee. So that now that he knows about the $61K travel scandal, what is he going to do? I can tell you -ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Because it doesn't help his political career- eventhough it take money from student, teachers and staff to use for real educational purposes. By the way - since Craig doesn't read this blog, maybe he should start he may learn something about what is happening at the BOE. It appears he learned about HPS travel gate from this blog. I get my Hartford news from We the People and get my laughs from the Hartford Courant.

Anonymous said...

Fire the administrators, not the teachers!!!!!!!!!!! Enough is enough!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I moved from Colorado to Connecticut 5 years ago a friend warned me to not even move near Hartford, I didn't know specifics at the time. However,5 years later, I'm glad that I listened to my friend. That city is a hell hole, I can't think of anything worth of any consideration in that city or this liberal/welfare estate for that matter. Liberal politicians won't be happy until they turn that Hartford and Connecticut into another Detroit. I'm glad that in a few short months I'll be leaving this estate for good.



It would be foolish of me to deny we have our problems, we do, and plenty of them, but those problems are not the only thing that defines our City. Take a walk around (or drive if you feel more comfortable) and see what our City has to offer. With a little proper leadership we would be moving forward, but it takes leadership, from people that care about the City over politics.

Anonymous said...

I haven't given up on Hartford - But give up on the Superintendent, hell yes. How you can you not give up on someone who doesn't fire her friend who put kids in harms way because she is too busy. How can you layoff teachers and allow $61K to be spent in travel to Miami for a vacation for administrators, while teachers and schools are begging for school supplies. But this is the new normal for Hartford Public Schools as evidence by not one major news outlet reported on the $61K travel and the chief of staff being to busy. Unfortunately with this leadership things will only get worse because they are not being challenged by We the People.
P.S.- Mrs. Stallings I believe you are a nice lady and you are just standing up for your man. That is admirable, I think. However, nobody voted for you, all votes were cast for or against your husband. Let the man speak for himself. If he wants to clear the record or has something he wants us to know.

Bill Katz said...

Kevin, I agree that Hartford has a lot to offer in terms of downtown entertainment and cultural happenings. But Hartford is truely, a tale of two cities. We have a stable downtown but very unstable neighborhoods. Many of these had pockets of blight but these pockets have now bled out to become linked. And there is nothing and no evidence that this trend has reached the end point. I would like to think it has. But show me proof. Families leave when they reach a certain level of economic stability. And a newer and more desperate element takes the empty spot. Now add into the mix, a narcotic addiction rate never seen so popular. While these conditions are not the result of having liberal policies, Hartford was once known as the only city in Connecticut that maintained a social services program more generous than all other cities. This goes back to the 1970s. And my friend was a social worker for the City of Hartford.

So it goes.

Anonymous said...

If we could make an analogy with the city of Hartford and its political leadership, it is the equivalent of a 4 years old toddled. It can walk, it can run, it can jump, but you have to hold their hand if you want them to go in specific direction. The estate should take full control of the city or, at a minimum, the BOE. Everyone in that cluster should be fire on the spot. I also have my problems with Unions that protects any kind of scumbag as long as their current with their dues.

Anonymous said...

With all the sexual misconduct news about Roy Moore, Matt Lauer,now Russell Simmons, tomorrow, who knows?
Maybe now, someone at 960 Main St. will be brave enough to expose the inappropriate sexual behavior (sex and sexting in the workplace during office hours) of an administrator that's not being investigated and easily being covered up because it's just too damn expensive for central office if they fire this person.