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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Mass. Police Officer hugging his tearful son after escorting a dead Police Officer home
 photo credit: Worcester Magazine/Steven King

I shouldn't have to be posting pictures of Hartford Police Officers doing good things out in our community. Anyone with half a brain can recognize how fortunate we are to have what we have. Nothing is perfect, but we are very fortunate. We have a great Police Department and Fire Department serving us every day, day in and day out, 24/7, holiday's, night's weekends, regardless of birthdays or family functions, they are here  for us

It aggravates me seeing people, some of them so called "leaders"in our community trying to throw fuel on a fire. Fortunately for us a fire that does not exist in Hartford  and hopefully never will.

As one New England town prepares to bury a murdered police officer. Officer Ronald Tarentino jr .   of the Auburn Mass. Police Department was murdered Saturday. A senseless  murder of a police officer, a father of 3 children and a husband. Murdered for nothing more than wearing the uniform and a badge that identified him as a protector of our communities, and doing his job on a motor vehicle traffic stop. Let us take a moment to realize how fortunate we are and show our gratitude to our first responders and never forget


bird said...

Would you be willing to credit that photo to Worcester Magazine/Steven King?

Thank you

Walter Bird Jr.
Worcester Magazine

Greg Sargis said...

Nice homage to my brothers in red and blue. After serving many years as both a police officer and a firefighter its nice to see someone with the decency to respect the uniform. I have been to more funerals for police officers and firefighters to last a lifetime. The anti police Rhetoric that plagues this nation is appaling and a slap in the face to every officer and their families.

I have been in the Sea of Blue and stand tall with my brothers and sisters forever.