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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I can't figure this one out. The story of the sexual predatory behavior by Hartford's Schools Eduardo Genao came to light only after I was contacted by people that were trying to report his behavior and were ignored. The whole thing since that point stinks of a cover up, and more and more that stink is leading back to the person at the top, the Superintendent.

Immediately after the story became public, on May 7, 2016, I requested Genao's personnel records because I was told that the incident I was asked to help with was not the first incident of claims of inappropriate behavior with students or employees involved with the Hartford Schools.

After several weeks, I did get a response back with a few pages of documents that he Hartford Schoools purported to be his entire file. Since that time , I was made aware of another document that was never released. It was a heavily redacted transcript of an interview between Eduardo Genao and his Union rep and a DCF investigator.

Let me be clear though, I did not receive that document because the Superintendent released it as a public document. I obtained that document because a City Hall staffer happened to leave a file in a coffee shop, the file contained the Genao documents. The person that found that file in the coffee shop apparently copied all of the documents , and through "alternative means "the document  made its way to me. I think they call that karma.

Today a third document found its way to me and it is posted below. According to sources, additional documents are available spelling out details, but those are being withheld also.

The heavily redacted document, even from what can be read, is more disgusting than the previous statements. It clearly shows a pattern of inappropriate behavior by Genao. I find it hard to believe that at least three Superintendent's were unaware of the behavior. I think the statements and the documents show that the Superintendent's were extremely incompetent, as well as any staff that failed to bring it to their attention should be held accountable.

It is also very troubling that these documents are having to be pulled out of the Superintendent's office one at a time. It is only through confidential sources am I finding about these documents, and then when I question them , they are released one at a time. What else are they hiding? If I requested these documents through an FOI request on May 7, 2016, why are they released this way.

 The entire file, including the piece meal releases are not becoming "more public" as time passes and they get caught more in a cover up. They were either public on May 7, 2016 or they weren't.

I think the problem is that as more documents are uncovered, the documents will paint a much clearer picture of a concerted effort by Superintendent Narvaez, Gislaine Ngounou and others to cover for a Board employee , allowing him to continue to prey on children under his control.

The silence by the 9 Board of Education members is troubling. Although Craig Stallings, through his wife, had promised a statement to be e-mailed to me, I have received nothing yet. The only statement I have heard from any Board member was elected Democrat Michael Brescia, who told me last Thursday  to "get off my high horse" regarding the BOE. Where are the rest of them? Where is the Board of Education Chairman Richard Wareing?

The only statement released from Superintendent Narvaez was a lame explanation she issued, more with the Mayor's doing than her own. Where is her outrage that , as a parent herself, she was harboring a predator in her top staff?

 And let me also be clear here, this mess is not under the control of Mayor Bronin. As Mayor, he has very little control over the Board's actions, other than the majority he appoints to the Board. I think the Hartford School's may be pulling a slick move trying to channel all of these documents through the Mayor's Office so when this mess really blows up, they can sit back and say "We weren't hiding anything, the Mayor had it all, he is the one who didn't release it".

Wareing and the Superintendent need to come clean now. If they mistakenly covered for a child predator, now is the time to admit it. Review all of the policies and make us feel comfortable that you have implemented change to make sure this can't and won't happen again. I think people can accept some candor now, but to prolong the cover up won't go over well as more information continues to come out. I think it might also be time for Mayor Bronin to take a stronger stand on this also .

Take a look at the latest document below. I am pretty confident all of the redactions are not based in any exemptions allowed by law, but are more to avoid revealing embarrassing details. Even the name and date of the person who wrote the report at the end are blacked prevent contacting that person. Those are not legal redactions. And hopefully the Connecticut FOI Commission will be reviewing this matter soon.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe, just maybe, Schiavino-Narvaez is covering something for HERSELF?
Just asking


I think the Superintendent and her staff are concerned about the revelations of what they knew and when they knew it. It could be a problem if it showed they covered for him for years

Anonymous said...

Narvaez and the gang around her are concerned about their salaries, about their benefits. This's their main concern.


Ok, then what is Rich Wareing and the elected Board members worried about, they don't have a salary to be concerned about

Anonymous said...

They're afraid of the impending lawsuits that are likely coming when a systemic culture of protecting a child predator become obvious...

concerned hartford citizen said...

Keep at it Kevin - this is just so unacceptable and of course we can't help but wonder what else are they covering up? I can't believe that someone left personal information in a coffee shop - really ? Did they want it to be found? That is outrageous too ! The actions are so inappropriate to the young woman but what is just is bad are the cover ups - and as you know once you find one thing there is probably more behind it - like they found out with the Priests in Boston (and everywhere) I know some of the Board of Education are new - but The chairman should be all over this - what does this say about us as a city ? We are such a mess - do we have any ethics at all?

Anonymous said...

@ 4:41
I agree with you 100 percent. This falls on the superintendent and her chief of staff. If the chief of staff acted, we would not be having these conversations. If other did this, they would be fired right now. If Mr Geno was fired when the first relegation came out, we would not be here. There is a failure on many levels, the current and former superintendents and the current and past board members. this board should act and tell this superintendent that her failure is enough. She should leave and take her friend with her. There are many good people at schools and downtown that care and try to make a difference. It doesn't matter if they have leaders unwilling to listen or act. we need to stand united and when we do we should show respect to those that serve us well and focus on those that don't.



the cancer is much more widespread. I agree there are good people at 960 maintain, but radical surgery needs to totally remove the cancer, the Superintendent, Gislaine Ngounou, Jill Cutler Hodgman, Paula Altieri Melinda Kauffman and probably a few more. It is systemic problem and needs to be eradicated.

Anonymous said...

Kevin- in any other of the 168 towns in CT the Superintendent would be fired! The BOE Chair (Wareing) would have been removed by the Mayor. I now think we have to put pressure on the other 8 BOE members who are sitting on the sideline so quiet. The inaction of the BOE members says a lot about their character and how much they really care about our students, teachers and our schools. This should be a national story. Kevin please help me understand how this continues to happen in Hartford and no one gets fired keep their 6 figure incomes and pensions. I have 2 kids in Hartford Public Schools and just don't know what more can go wrong. Superintendent Narvaez please, please, please, please do the right thing and resign so that we can try to start over. Do it for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Do you think if Narvaez little white daughter had been approached by Genao that Narvaez would be so quiet. Really, if it had been a little white girl - hell the Mayor would be singing from City Hall how he fired the Superintendent and the BOE Chair. Sorry, white is right and I have to believe that race has a lot to do with why no one has been held accountable for this and the travel to Miami scandal. If blacks or Hispanics were involve it would be on the front page of the Courant every day. Just like the black guy from Jumoke academy who said he had a doctorate and he didn't. Black lives may not matter but race does matter.

Anonymous said...

There is no transparency where the Hartford Public Schools are concerned. Every year students, parents and staff fill out a climate survey. The results are never made public! One would wonder what secrets are being hidden in them.

Anonymous said... do realize that Genao, the perpetrator, is Hispanic and Ngounou is black, right? And neither have suffered any real consequences, right? How does the ignorance of the "race card" on both sides find it's way into every situation nowadays? You want justice? Fight for it. It obviously isn't given freely anymore. If it were, both the Hispanic and the African American would be fired. But then you'd probably complain about that, too.

Anonymous said...

The latest: A moratorium on travel outside the state.....well Hello school year is over...... How convenient
I love the euphimism Portfolio director, Talent management such nonsense ,its pure insanity
Think about this the TSA National Director makes less than some of those in the down town tower of incompetence

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned how many other Central Office Employees, School Curriculum Coaches and School Administrators don't have the degrees they say they do, are given another job bc they are asked to step down, have been given a verbal warning for inappropriate behavior and who are bullying teachers!!!!! Pretty scary.... Someone needs to take a close look at their personnel files!!!!



details please , give me a direction on where to start. Private/confidential e-mail is fine, but give me names and I can FOI the personnel records and go from there

Anonymous said...

Start at Hartford High School all 3 academies. How about the curriculum coach in LGA Academy who was an admin in the district and forced to step down. Now working as a curriculum coach (despite budget cuts not cutting her job) bc she does the job of the Principal behind the scenes. Why get rid of her when Mr. Jose Colon can sit back in his office with the door closed ALL day and do nothing and enjoy the perks!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Hartford decided to "fire" Kauffman and work out a really BIG deal with perks to use her as a consultant as they need her????? Things that make you go hmmm.... Hey this way she doesn't work for Hartford anymore any cant talk!