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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Eddy Conklin
I don't venture outside of Hartford issues too often, but this is just one that makes me question the bounds of human decency and makes me ask "why not?"

Eddy Conklin was killed in a car accident on February 28, 2016. He was a senior at Shelton High School and was on track to graduate this June. His parents have been working with the Superintendent, Board of Ed and Head Master since March 18th for Eddy to receive an honorary diploma in his name, handed to a family member, AT GRADUATION  along with the rest of his 2016 classmates, just as many other families in the state of CT have.

  The family has been told that this would not happen. They have been given the run around on this issue since March. They have supplied the BOE with other towns and facts to support their wishes for the honorary diploma and his name called with his fellow classmates during graduation.

The Conklin's just want to see this injustice to their son corrected. The BOE has offered to award it to the family at a different much smaller event. Sometimes we need to put politics and policy aside and do what is right. Setting a precedent to honor someone's child will never be the wrong thing to do.

 One song in particular comes to mind "Nothing More" which is on the Newtown Kindness video says it all - "We are how we treat each other when the day is done. We are peace, ... We are how we treat each other and nothing more." The right thing to do starts here. Be the person that changes things for the better.

Why would the Shelton Schools compound the loss to this family by their heartless actions? What would the harm be in recognizing this young man along with his fellow classmates, It might just bring a little closure to a few people.  You can sign an online petition to the Shelton School Board by clicking here


Anonymous said...

I had to go back and read it twice - to make sure it wasn't Hartford Public School. Sounds like something Chairman Dick Wareing and Superintendent Narvaez would do. Kevin you are right, I can't imagine the parents loss. You would think that the BOE and school district would have offered before the parents had to ask. Hopefully with enough pressure Shelton Public Schools will do the right thing. This is good reason for the entire senior class to protest and not attend their graduation unless the parents are presented a diploma for their son at graduation. Let's stand up to these bullies.

Anonymous said...

If they don't yield, they should be voted out of office with a grass roots effort. The arrogance of some public leaders. Hard to believe. Oops, I almost forgot Hartford.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me how much time these "so-called" leaders spend on being vicious. Instead of setting an example of what it means to have compassion and empathy for others to the students, the Board of Education has chosen to stand on some none-exist high ground. No reasoning was provided as to why the Board of Education won't grant the diploma, but I can't imagine one that would justify its position. The Board of Education needs to grow up. It's not as if the family is asking for money. Receiving the diploma is a benevolent gesture symbolizing the success their son achieved in almost four years of his high school term. I just don't understand the battles these entities choose to fight. I'm sincerely sorry for the family's loss and pray they are comforted by the precious memories of their son.

Anonymous said...

Is Beth Smith still there? She's the one that wouldn't let all those kids go to their prom either.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of published information on the circumstances that led to the crash, other than it was a single-car incident during the early morning hours of a weekend.

Is it conceivable that the unreported circumstances surrounding the crash are driving the board's action and that they don't feel comfortable saying so publicly out of respect for the student's memory? They are offering the diploma in a smaller ceremony so it does seem like they are trying to meet the family in the middle?

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

You get some twit on the school board or the Board of Education-there seems to be these types of people employed at BOE's everywhere who get all unhappy when they lose control of a situation.

It would take zero effort to give the Conklin family the honorary diploma for their deceased son. That some in Shelton are fighting the awarding of the diploma to the parents of Conklin should make every resident of that town take notice to see the "quality" of their BOE reps.

I hope it gets resolved for the family in the right way and that is the awarding of a high school diploma to the family.