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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Ghostbusters arriving for the corruption cleanse of Hartford City Hall
Most people talking to me about what is going on at City Hall keep asking me "What are they thinking?" I am not sure they are thinking, but how do I know.

Maybe Jared Kupiec was trying to re-enact the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere for July 4th, except in a 2010 Ford Explorer. The trip up I-95 to the birthplace of America and then the back road ride through Lexington and Concord could explain some of the 1200 miles Kupiec put on his stolen car to a Jury.

It makes about as much sense as anything else happening at City hall.

Fortunately for Mayor Segarra, Connecticon is being held this weekend at the Connecticut Convention Center. This readily has given Segarra and his staff (at least what is left of his staff) access to hundreds of "Ghost busters". It is the only possible  explanation, City Hall is possessed.

The ghost of Hartford's founder Thomas Hooker has been reported to have taken up residence inside City Hall and according to some in the building, if you listen close late at night he is saying he is not happy with what the City he founded has become

According to historic information found in the archives of the City Clerk's Office, Hooker may have actually passed away after  a severe reaction to a rare caviar allergy.

Mayor Segarra is also reported to be making his rounds of City Hall tonight  burning sage to rid the halls of  550 Main Street of evil spirits. I guess it is an old Native American cleansing process. Segarra is proving to be somewhat of a prophet himself. At a recent Faith Based Community Initiative meeting held at Hartford's Public Safety Complex, Segarra stated to everyone present "there is evil in this very room".

The sage burning tonight might help, I might even text him a couple of other addresses to consider visiting.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, did the City Tax payers have to pay for this too !


I doubt it, but it would have been money well spent if we could clean out City Hall

Anonymous said...

Kevin you do not have to text him anything, Pedro knows where to find them.

It's Pedro fault, that all those ghost are still haunting City Hall, starting with himself, it all started when he was fast to advice Eddie to leave so that he could get to the golden chair, but it really has had quite an effect on him. He brought in too many real live wicked and evil spirits on board. Now that the evil spirits took over the third floor, they cannot seem to find their way out. Not even all the sage burning will rid City Hall of all the evilness and corruption.. As you see Jared is gone but his spirit is still haunting him.