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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hartford Police Officer Theresa Velez joins those at the vigil at Milner School as Reverend AJ Johnson(back to the camera) and others join in prayer Saturday

The vigil for what had been Hartford's latest homicide was taking place on the grounds of the Thurman Milner School on  Vine Street while what is actually Hartford's latest homicide was being committed on Flatbush  Avenue.

The family of the young man who was murdered in the yard at Milner School was joined in prayer with the Reverend Henry Brown and the members of Mother's United Against Violence, most of them mothers who have had their own children killed on the streets of Hartford.

As the group were joining their hands in solidarity and prayer, they were unaware that a bullet was  tearing into the chest of another 25 year old young man a few miles away on Flatbush Avenue possibly, according to witnesses, over a gold chain around his neck that he refused to give up.

When is enough enough? As a side note, no assault weapons or multi round clips were used  in either killing

Flatbush Ave. homicide scene


Blind to Reality said...

Was Councilman Ken Kennedy there counting the overtime hours?

If only we could schedule these homicides during normal business hours

Anonymous said...

Maybe the officer was there on comp time Ken...better look into it !