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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I  don't want to start a conspiracy theory, but something stinks here.

Any attorney worth their weight knows that pursuing restitution from a a suspected criminal before the investigation is done can seriously hamper the potential for an arrest. yet Hartford City Hall and the Corporation Counsel today apparently announced, according to the Courant, that they were demanding $3,000 in restitution from Jared Kupiec for damages to the vehicle he may likely be charged with stealing from the City.

Several police sources confirmed that accepting or making any deal for restitution would make a successful criminal prosecution difficult.

This is quick action from a Corporation Counsel that is used to moving at a turtle's pace when it comes to protecting the interests of the City of Hartford. May it just be to influence a Judge's decision before any arrest warrant applications are submitted?

May it be that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye at the present time? Or maybe the whole scenario just stinks and needs to continue to be examined  even closer.

In the words of Council President Wooden " It is just bizarre". Yes it is


Anonymous said...

With all the corrupted attorneys that the City of Hartford has, it will be swept underneath the red carpet.

Anonymous said...

The only conclusion that I can come up with is that this was a weak attempt to prevent Kupiek from implicating anyone at city hall. It is thoroughly offensive that the corp council and city leadership would continue to try to hide their failings in a way so injurious to constituents.

It would be great if all the bums resigned. Short of that I would recommend an emergency council resolution prohibiting any resolution that is not court ordered and perhaps request a grand jury to investigate possible criminal actions related to a coverup.

Anonymous said...

Now you are getting it. Kupiec fell (stumbled) on his sword for future consideration when this all dies down. If he get arrested, he is going to start talking and isn't going to stop. Seggara/spouse business dealings, front LLC's, etc. Segarra better pray he doesn't go down!

Anonymous said...

if it had been you or me we would have been in jail the moment they found the SUV - what makes Jarrad so special Arrest this bum and arrest him now

Anonymous said...

Kevin , why dont you and everybody get it? Kupiek is pursueing a career in law ....specializing in "political corruption". These f#@kups are by design so he can relate to future clients. I say he's a genius ! What a great atty. he will be.