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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Former New York Governor Elliott Spitzer is attempting a political comeback after he was forced out of office after his dalliances with prostitutes was revealed publicly. Spitzer is currently a candidate for Comptroller of New York City.

Hartford politico Ramon Arroyo, husband of 3rd District State Representative Minnie Gonzalez, apparently isn't as lucky. Arroyo had been arrested years ago for soliciting a prostitute, who was actually an undercover cop, while he was working as an employee of the City of Hartford in his City vehicle.

Although Spitzer must hope that the voters of New York have short memories and don't place much weight on character or integrity, Democratic Town Committee members from the southern part of Hartford and the northern portion of Wethersfield apparently do.

Last night ,Arroyo was soundly defeated by political newcomer Albi Sako in his run for a coveted Democratic State Central seat. Sako defeated Arroyo 33-10 in a very decisive vote.

Sako in his short time on Hartford's Democratic Town Committee has brought a breath of fresh air to Hartford politics and is hopefully beginning to usher in a new era of leadership for our City.

Arroyo is also apparently a Commissioner with the Connecticut Puerto Rican and Latino Affairs Commission

To read more about Arroyo and his political ventures, click here  or here


PR Entitlement said...

Ramon and Minnie are jokes.

Have no pity said...

It's time for new blood, Ramon has always been a real jerk, I work under his supervision when that incident happen, he was the meanest son of a bee. He had a real ego trip and still does. I'm glad that he was caught as he has no respect for women. It all had to come to light since he is areal chauvinist pig, whom preyed on his victims (the clients)that's where he met Minnie Mouse.

I am very disappointed that they changed the Roberto Clemente Little League to Minnie Gonzalez Little League, whom ever made this recommendation, made a lousy choice. She is a terrible State Representative. And I am quite sure that they had to be other choices.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention 2 of Ramon Arroyos sons are Los Solidos gang members. Both with ample arrests records dating back to the time they juveniles and still continues in adulthood.