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Friday, July 12, 2013


The plot thickens on this one. I have some great readers that follow this blog, some with a keen sense of observation. I can't believe I missed this one, but after the "Pigs at the Trough" posting I received an e-mail telling me I should look into the listed owner of the property that the Chief Operating Officers fiancee' purchased during the tax lien auction. I did, and then I slapped myself in the head for missing this.

The property at that the COO's fiancée 's purchased was owned by ATFH Real Property , LLC. The delinquent taxes on the property listed were $105,413.29.

The initials ATFH jumped out at me. "ATF", not the Federal agency  but for American Tax Funding, the same company that the City of Hartford sells it delinquent tax liens to. Interesting that the fiancee' of the COO just happened to buy a lien from the same company that the City of Hartford sold it to.

To be sure I looked up ATFH REAL Property , LLC on the Secretary of the States website. BINGO!

Next I looked up American Tax Funding, the company that the COO  and the City of Hartford sell the delinquent tax liens to.
Coincidence that the two corporations share the same address in Jupiter Florida or are you starting to see the connection here.

So a quick recap here, The fiancee of the acting COO purchases a Tax Lien at the auction run by the City . The tax Lien that he purchased was in the sale because the Company that the City sold the liens to defaulted on their taxes and became a tax delinquent after foreclosing on the previous property owner and taking the property. Apparently after foreclosing and obtaining the property ATF Real property stopped paying the taxes due to the City of Hartford.

The company that is contracted to help the City of Hartford collect on delinquent taxes , then became a tax delinquent themselves while running up a delinquent tax bill of over $100,000. This is not the only property that ATFH owns in the City..

  Now also keep in mind that Saundra Kee-Borges currently wears several hats at City Hall. Two of those hats being those of Chief Operating Officer as well as Corporation Counsel, the attorney for the City of Hartford.

Even though they set up separate corporations, ATF and ATFH are clearly linked, even listing the ATFH properties for sale on the ATF website

One of the responsibilities of the Corporation Counsel is to monitor City contracts and to adhere to and enforce Hartford's municipal code. Section 2-571 of the Municipal Code requires the following 
Sec. 2-571. - Obligations of Persons or Candidates seeking a contract or purchase order with the City.permanent link to this piece of content
No Contract or purchase order, regardless of how procured, shall be awarded by the City to any Person or Candidate until it is determined that such Person, Candidate or affiliated entity has no delinquent taxes or other financial obligation owed to the City.
 If  Kee-Borges was paying attention to the code, ATF should have not been allowed to conduct business with the City of Hartford until their  property tax obligations were paid.
Who made the decision to ignore Hartford's Municipal code, might it have been either the Chief Operating Officer or the Corporation Counsel? And does it seem to be suspicious that  those decisions are now potentially benefiting  the decision makers  fiancee'?
I think there are some questions here that need to be addressed and answered, probably by an authority outside of and not related to Hartford City Hall.
This doesn't seem to reflect well on that Mayoral makeover.
And just to keep you coming back, this is not the end of the questionable real estate that the COO and her fiancee are being linked to. Keep reading


Anonymous said...

Wow, so when does this end? What does Sandy have on Pedro and the council? What do they have on Jared that he has been pushed out into the cold??

Anonymous said...

It Appears Something Wicked This Way Comes !

Anonymous said...

Why isn't she and her husband being led out of City Hall in handcuffs yet?

If Pedro is serious about convincing people he is changing and trying to turn his administration around, she should be packing her office now and be gone today.

Anonymous said...

ATF and its attorney (Segarra donor) Ed Marcus has been in the press recently for starting foreclosure actions against Hartford homeowners.

Morgan St. Garage said...

Pedro are you kidding me, the same attorney who works for this shady company was a donor of yours, WOW. You must of learned from Chris Donavan. Talk about a conflict of interest. I see another ethics violation. The biggest question is when will someone who is in position and power of authority really drop the hammer on these tirds.

When will the Gov. Say enough is enough and do something, Hartford is sinking, unless his plan is to buy up all of the buildings in the City and then it can truly be called the "Capitol" city.

Anonymous said...

Then maybe it's time that she takes off one of the hats, as it is squashing her brains that she is no longer able to think straight. Her bad leadership is steering our City down the drain. She needs to focus on the City business rather then her fiancee Terry Waller's business.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Ed Marcus that once was state Democratic Party Chair and pilfered the state party to oblivion?