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Monday, July 8, 2013


This is one of those postings that is generating quite a bit of interest, right from the start. It is also one of those the I think the general consensus is to ask" what was he thinking?". The answer is  that Mayor Segarra's former Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec clearly wasn't thinking.

Most of the people calling me also are voicing their sympathy for Mayor Segarra. I also agree with that. Segarra took a 20-something who was clearly immature for his job and slid him right into a position of trust in his administration.

That position of trust was betrayed on several occasions by Kupiec and unfortunately it took Segarra far too long to recognize it. Will it now be Segarra's legacy to be remembered as "Mayor Caviar" or will the Grand Theft Auto Chief of Staff eclipse that?

It is sad, but clearly there is no management taking place at City Hall. The acting Chief Operating Officer is proving everyday that the Council's vote of no confidence in her appointment as COO was well deserved. Commenter's on the blog as well as just about everyone that called me or spoke with me tonight asked "what is the exit process? no one got his keys back?" The answer most likely is that no one followed through.

Did anyone recover City property from Kupiec? I am anxious to see the accounting for his I-pads and the numerous purchases from the apple store on his City Credit Card. Who accounted for that equipment ?

I know that once the Police got involved this morning and Kupiec was called about the car, he was reached on his City cell phone. Why?  Is the City still paying his cell phone bill or did he have his number ported over to his own private account? I think we probably already know the answer to that question without even asking.

City Hall is currently a free for all being managed by a group that has become very good at that "deer in the head lights look" every time the latest crisis arises. It needs to stop. It is about time Hartford starts being run like a business. For what the City forks out in salaries, we should have one of the best management teams around. Instead, I think we like being the butt of every caviar joke possible.

Today's police report regarding the incident is below:


Klin vs occonnor tickets on sale !! said...

Someone get dinger a key to 134 so he can type his reports for now on .

Key to the city said...

At least this one couldn't be covered up like all the rest.

Anonymous said...

The presumption in this post as well as the comments by the people you have spoken with are that this was all done without the mayor's knowledge. I find it very difficult to believe that this could occur and suspect that it was all done with the mayor's approval.

So, I don't feel sorry for the mayor - he should know better. Regarding the city phone and other property, the mayor's spokesperson said specifically that the phone and other personal items were turned in. Either she was lying or Kupiec broke into city hall and took the phone, perhaps when he went to get the car.

I suspect that this is a big city hall coverup; the phone and other items were probably not collected and now the mayor's office is just digging a big hole that they won't be able to get out of.

Excellent reporting on this story, BTW.