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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Earlier today a tough guy under the name of "anonymous" was willing to put his neck on the line and post a comment
You're full of it. I've known Vinny for years. He would never screw a fellow union member. He's a man of integrity. If you have this "supposed" email that Vinny sent, let's see it. "
Ok, since I'll even try to convince a coward posting as "Anonymous" taking shots at me, here are the documents you requested.
If there are any big words that you don't understand, please let me know because I really hope you will consider that "man of integrity" comment and realize who actually does have the integrity.
As you start from the top document, you will see  from the Hand written memo entitled "Fire Complaint", pay close attention to the light pencil marks already determining the "possible charges before an Investigation was even started. Second item typed page of March 18,2008 anonymous complaint from "wife of fire applicant"
3rd Document , letter from the "man of integrity" on April 7, 2008 requesting the investigation into "serious allegation" against Deputy Chief Dan Nolan. I believe the letter is signed by your "man of integrity" Vincent Fusco , President Local 760. I will give you one point, I made a mistake, it wasn't an e-mail, it was a fax sent from the Hartford Firefighters Local 760 Union Office.
As I strive to keep my readers happy, as you asked "lets see it" so here it is, but I doubt it will make you happy..
 Anything else , coward?

4 comments: said...

Oh snap !! Brockman you gave a five fingered smack !!!!


It is Brookman, and anyone who knows me,knows I don't usually make accusations without the backup
documents. And thanks, I think they deserved it

Union oooops said...

Ouch! Like I said before, Danforth doesn't loose lawsuits. Neither does Pat Tomasciwicz. I hope the FF Union has insurance....

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me!I cant believe Fusco would put the entire union membership at risk of loosing everything over an anonymous phone call from the wife of a recrute! And yet here it is in black and white! The membership should through those shit bags out and chain the door to the new "club house". Believe me it wont be long before the entire membership gets the notice from union that "We regret to inform you that because Chief Nolan is suing our pants off we are going to have to access you all for $$$$$$". Thanks Vinny, How can you sleep at night? and all day I'm sure.